Wednesday, July 26, 2006


“In modern America, anyone who attempts to write satirically about the events of the day finds it difficult to concoct a situation so bizarre that it may not actually come to pass while the article is still on the presses”
~ Calvin Trillin.

I check a lot of search engines during the day for regular news and to see what the chatter is in the blogosphere about things that affect Kurds and Kurdistan. This means that I see a lot of ridiculous stuff.

For example, I have noticed in the last few days that people were talking about Saddam's hunger strike. This makes me wonder: Who the hell cares? It got me thinking about the trial too. Who the hell cares? I mean, we all know what he did and we all know that the trials are for the sake of all the self-righteous scumbags who brought Saddam to power and kept him there for all those years. To top it off, today during the closing arguments in his trial, Saddam makes the grand pronouncement--after kicking and screaming, "I don't wanna go to court!"--that he wants to be executed by firing squad because he's a "soldier." A soldier, my ass. He doesn't want to be executed by hanging because that's for common criminals.

There's only one way for Saddam to be executed. Set him loose in downtown Helebçe and let all the residents cut him up for fishbait. End of discussion and nix the debate about shooting or hanging.

Second ridiculous thing is that the Democrats are pissed off because they claim al-Maliki supports Hezbollah, with that Dean guy calling al-Maliki an anti-semite. Welcome to the Middle East . . . or I guess that could be Europe or certain groups in the US as well. CNN has a report on this, and greater idiots, like Arianna Huffington--Don't ask! She's a freak!--are all worked up over it. If these people are serious in their indignation, then I continue to be amazed at how stupid Americans can be. Al-Maliki is a Shi'a who wants closer ties with Iran, but it comes as a huge shock to everyone that he isn't condemning Hezbollah. Morons. They're going to lead all kinds of lesser idiots into taking all this at their face value.

If you read the CNN article, you get a better idea of how things are really working, thanks to Hoshyar Zebarî:

But comments by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebary earlier Wednesday at a congressional breakfast may have done much to ease the controversy, according to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D- Nevada.

Following the event, Reid quoted Zebary. "The foreign minister said, 'I was at the meeting of the Arab League last week, I was directed by the prime minister to join with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to condemn Hezbollah and we do that.'"

As for himself, Reid said he "felt [the Iraqi delegation] did a decent job of trying to temp that down so, you know, I feel better having gone to the breakfast," Reid said.

Reid said he's "not going to push the issue anymore" and the "point has been made" that al-Maliki "needs to be more guarded in what he says."

Several Democrats critical of al-Maliki attended and participated in standing ovations as the Iraqi leader spoke, according to The Associated Press. At least one member of Congress, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-New York, boycotted the address.

See? The Democrats are lying.

Now, none of this has anything whatsoever to do with the Middle East, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Hezbollah, etc. All of this farce is a show to prepare for upcoming Congressional elections and the Democrats are trying to swing it their way. Believe me, there is no difference between a Republican and a Democrat when it comes to the Middle East. The last presidential elections proved that; George Bush and John Kerry had memorized the same script on the Middle East.

By the way, there was even a war protestor there, who began heckling al-Maliki during his speech. Her pass into the Congress was provided by a Democrat representative from Brooklyn, even though she's from San Francisco. Medea Benjamin, age 54, the bellowing cow removed from Congress, has something in common with her pal, Saddam. She's on a hunger strike too. Who knew that a hunger strike would cause similar behavior, as exhibited by Saddam at trial or pink cow in Congress? I wonder if this is the next trend?


From the Behind-the-Power-Curve Department (always a bit ridiculous) . . . lots of people are talking about old news, like the KDC (Kurdistan Development Corporation) TV ads that came out last year. There's something on the Washington Post, at a Republican blog (They like the "good" Kurds. . . for the moment), at a Democrat blog (Notice the name of the blog? See Freak Huffington, above. Dems don't like the ads because they distract from Democrat efforts to make Republicans look bad), and from a milblog.

Last ridiculous item: The phony uproar by Kofi and Company out of New York. It seems they're a bit upset that Israel blasted their "peacekeepers" to hell. The TimesOnline article is headed by this: "UN observers begged Israelis to stop shelling their position."

Awwww, booo-hooooo.

Hmmmm. . . . Come to think of it, I wonder if that was anything like the way Muslim Bosnians begged UN peacekeepers not to abandon them to the stinking Serbs at Srebrenica? Everyone remembers that, don't they? Or has Srebrenica gone the way of Armenia . . . and the way of Kurdistan?

There's a refresher on Srebrenica here and here, but basically the UN, its "peacekeepers," and the murdering Serbs were all working together. When the stuff started to hit the fan, the "peacekeepers" were far more concerned with saving their own skins than protecting the people they were supposed to protect. Note, too, that the commander of the "peacekeepers" was a French general--proof that the entire operation was doomed to failure and that whoever appointed command and control was totally incompetent.

Check this picture:

The guy on the left is the NATO commander, the guy on the right is the UN (French) commander, and look who's in the middle--Mr. Oil-for-Food himself! Isn't that special? All at the Sarajevo airport on 20 December, 1995. Janvier, the UN commander, is fixing to high-tail it out of there.

The UN was supposed to help Lebanon get rid of Hezbollah but it is clear that, once again, the impotent UN did absolutely nothing. I would love to know what kind of racket they've been running in southern Lebanon with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran for all these years. The US State Department reports that UNIFIL costs for FY2003 were $94.06 million a year. I wonder how much of that actually goes to "peacekeeping" and how much goes into the pockets of those farther up the food chain? I wonder, too, how many deals on the side continue to enrich these international blood suckers?

As for the freshly dead peacekeepers, payback's a bitch, ain't it Kofi? Such a pity Hezbollah's Iranian-supplied long-range rockets aren't long-range enough to reach the UN headquarters in New York.

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