Tuesday, July 18, 2006


"In any contest between power and patience, bet on patience."
~ W.B. Prescott

Lots of funny stuff in the news today, thanks to the fact that the Ankara regime is running scared. The Turkish media is in an absolute frenzy, something that is directly proportional to the intensity of their pucker factor. This happens partly because the Turkish media, like media in all fascist states, is mainly propaganda. The whole purpose of fascist media is to stir up emotion so that you can get everyone to do your bidding on adrenaline.

Whenever I think of this, I remember seeing old video footage of Hitler giving a speech. There he is, shrieking away like a maniac, fists flying and pounding the podium, and then, flash on the audience and they're all in tears, choked up with emotion and the women are fainting. . . Geez. So this is exactly what came to mind when I took a stroll and a browse over at TDN today. Emotion--it's their weakness and that means it can be exploited to their own detriment.

First out of the barrel is Parliament Speaker Arinc lecturing all the citizens of the Kurdish persuasion (see, he's afraid to say "Kurds" throughout the whole thing), to renounce "terrorism." He tell us how there's gonna be revenge and that the mighty Mehemetcik, all 800,000 of them, are ready to be fitted for body bags by a few thousand HPG gerîlas. The funniest part is when he says that the public needs to be led by their mayors, but look at all the DTP mayors in "The Region! I'm sure they'll get right on that, Mr. Speaker.

What does he think Kurds were doing during the Amed Serhildan? They were protesting terrorism. They were denouncing terrorism. Everyone is fed up with the Ankara regime's terrorism and that's why they were protesting.

A longer article from TDN has the title, "No holds barred in fight against PKK." No kidding. With all their black operations against the Kurdish people, with all their extrajudicial killings and assassinations, with all their use of torture, with all their destruction of villages and ethnic cleansing, with all the ECHR findings against them, with all the documentation against them by human rights organizations, with all the genocide, was there ever a time when there was a no-holds-barred policy against PKK and the people? Pretty stupid title.

But it does report on some of the goings-on after the meeting of the Supreme Anti-Terrorism Board for the Very, Very, Very Nervous. Erdogan expresses his "outrage" at the fact that a few Mehmetciks were waxed, but take that from a guy who sues anyone who looks at him cross-eyed. Erdogan simply has no control over himself. He's a disgrace to humanity, but average as far as Turks and other fascists go. Erdogan is also caught in a big fat lie in this article:

"Until now, we've always been dealing with this with patience. We've always wanted to solve this within democratic lines," Erdoğan said on Sunday.

Yeah, right. Pashas can't even spell patience or democracy, much less know what they mean.

There's another lie in this one too:

In a house raid on Monday in Diyarbakır, police seized 27.4 kilograms of plastic explosives, which they believe were intended for attacks in urban centers, along with a substantial cache of ammunition, local sources said.

In response, helicopters pounded suspected PKK hideouts, while Turkish commandos were airlifted to strategic points along the Iraqi border, reported Doğan.

[ . . . ]

Officials in the Southeast, however, have so far reported no unusual military activity.

"Officials" in "The Southeast" are government hacks, which means they are liars. Non-Turkish media reports the following:

Meanwhile, Turkey has said it has deployed special troops from Kayseri Commando team were deployed to Iraq border according to the DHA news agency. This is a special military team which is specialized in guerilla warfare.

"Special" troops, specializing in guerilla warfare. . . these are Ozel Timler. Let's all hope that they will be sent home to their little families soon, very soon, in the same condition that a couple of American soldiers went home recently. They had been involved with a rape of an Iraqi girl and the murder of her and some of her family members. Since Ozel Timler do the exact same things in Kurdistan against the Kurdish people, it is only fitting and proper that they meet the same end. However, given that HPG observes the Geneva Conventions, it's more likely they will just go home dead, but wishing is always nice.

In other news, we learn that Mehmet Ali Birand is smoking crack cocaine and the effects of this can be seen in his opinion piece today, titled, "Confusion within PKK." In this, he states that he has no idea what the aim of PKK attacks is. Well, Mehmet, it's to kill Turkish soldiers. I would have thought that dead Mehmetciks littering the landscape of Turkish-occupied Kurdistan would have made that pretty obvious.

Mehmet also believes in the omnipotence of the PKK. In fact, he thinks PKK is God because, as he explains it, they manage to hold DTP politicians in such fear, that they only do what PKK wants. Sure. That's why DTP remains true to its stated goals, risking prison time from Turkish authorities and sustaining death threats from Turkish authorities, simply because of the all-powerful PKK. Mehmet totally fails to understand Kurds, but he totally understands the way his fascist government operates. Fear is, in fact, a major motivator in Turkish politics. He admitted as much a few weeks ago, when he described the Turkish people's trust in their own military:

In the eyes of the Turkish people, the military represents the state. This symbol is a source of respect, some fear and most importantly trust in the established mechanism.

How does one fear, while at the same time trust in an organization, in this case the military? Only in a fascist mind does this happen, I suppose. If someone like Osman Baydemir or Mukaddes Kubilay operated out of fear, they would be totally ineffective as mayors. In their cases, however, the opposite is true. They operate out of love for their people and they are, in turn, loved by their people. This is an anomaly under the Turkish state, but then, Kurds are an anomaly under the Turkish state.

More ridiculous pronouncements can be had at the link.

Let this be a lesson for all young Kurds out there. Never even think of smoking crack cocaine. It will ruin your mind, and a mind is a terrible thing to waste, as in the case of Mehmet Ali Birand.

Bianet is reporting that the fascists have discussed the return of the State of Emergency (OHAL) in "The Southeast." As in the case of the signing into law of the new anti-terror bill, calling another OHAL is an absurdity, because both the application of the new antiterror law and a de facto OHAL already exist under Turkish occupation, something that is admitted in the Bianet article.

Another absurdity in the article is the call on the government to take "bold steps to create a civilian Turkey" and they call on PKK to end operations. There was a time, between 1999 and 2005, for the government to take bold steps because PKK had ended operations. This was what is known as PKK's most recent unilateral ceasefire. At the time, no one, not the Ankara regime, not the EU, not the human rights organizations, availed themselves of a cessation of operations. It is therefore impossible to believe that another end to operations will change anything now.

By the way, what happened to Europe? Did anyone check, is it still there? Or did it implode and there's just a big hole on the map where it used to be? Weren't they worked up, as far as any European can work themselves up to anything, about the possible passage of the anti-terror law? Is martial law, such as OHAL, a normally acceptable state of affairs under the Copenhagen criteria?

Another question: Is there really a Kurdish diaspora? I ask that because I don't hear anything from the Kurdish Diaspora about what is happening to the Kurdish people under Turkish occupation and a de facto OHAL. There were protests during the Amed Serhildan, but what was that? Did everyone shoot their wad then, and now they're recovering their strength?

Just like people in Amed, I too wonder what in the hell a Kurdish life is worth. Where are the demonstrations for the Kurds?

In every single country where there is a Kurdish Diaspora population, there should be 24-hour protests in front of every Turkish embassy and every Turkish consulate. There should be 24-hour protests in front of the White House, the Congress and the State Department. There should be 24-hour protests in front of every residence of heads of government, legislative bodies and foreign ministries, in every country where there is a Kurdish population. This is easy to organize, with people committing to "standing guard" for certain periods of time, and then they are relieved when their replacements arrive. When the goons from the Turkish embassies come to take photos and harass, then it's time to notify the local media, get it on the news wires and trash Turkish image. They are very sensitive about that.

I guess I'll have to let Kurds in Britain off the hook with this plan because they've just been screwed by the Nazis who run the British government. Of course, the British government is seriously flawed in that it has no First Amendment, and therefore no guarantee of freedom of speech, as today's legal happenings in Britain prove. So if you're in Britain, and you protest on behalf of Bakurî Kurds, you're going to prison as a terrorist. Guaranteed. Check with your local Turkish consulate on that.

Everyone else, though, has no excuse for ignoring Turkish-occupied Kurdistan, especially when we think about the demonstrations that the Bakurî used to raise in Europe. This is disappointing in the extreme.

I have a piece of advice for the Kurdish Diaspora: Shit can happen, but it ain't gonna happen unless you make it happen.


Vladimir said...

You didn't check out Ilnur and Ceviz Canghar.

Ilnur says: This cannot be solved by military means. It was shown in the past. He supports the so-called " Iraqi Kurds" view.

Ceviz says there is no legal basis for attacking the PKK in Basur / Northern-Iraq. He also talks about the clumsiness of the Turkish state. He thinks you can't compare Hezbollah/Hamas with the PKK and that the problem is homegrown and have to be solved within the Turkish border. Not outside.

Mizgîn said...

Ilnur says that only because he's hot to protect his personal business interests. Did you notice the his byline? Hewlêr.

Ilnur's business interests do nothing for Bakurî Kurds, so I really don't care what he has to say. Look at the rest of his drivel and you will see him bitching about PKK use of "landmines" (in reality, remote-controlled bombs), but have you heard him say anything about Turkish use of chemical weapons? What about Turkish slaughter of Kurds in places like Guclukonak? No. Never. Because he is only interested in his own personal interests, not in the survival of the Kurdish people. He's a whore.

I've got a newsflash for little Ceviz too: There is no legal basis for the Turkish genocide of the Kurdish people. Let these Nazis suck on that.

Fucking hypocrites.