Wednesday, July 05, 2006


"An Iranian moderate is one that has run out of ammunition. "
~ Henry Kissinger.

There was a little something in my inbox late last night from the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI). It seems that the evil mullahs have executed another Kurdish political prisoner in Ûrmiye:

A Kurdish political prisoner was hanged in Ourumieh after serving 10 years behind bars, Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran’s central web site reported.

The man, identified as Saleh Mahmoudi Gouilani, was hanged in a prison in the city of Orumieh on Saturday June 24, 2006. Gouilani along with two other individuals were accused of killing an agent of the security forces during an armed clash in the nearby town of Sardasht.

Gouilani’s two alleged accomplices were identified as Aziz Kholkani and Masoud Shokeh. The report said that they were both executed several months ago after serving nine years in prison.

The rest can be read at the PDKI website.

Okay, class, what kind of prisoners were these? Kurdish political prisoners. That means they were executed for their political beliefs, no matter what any filthy Iranian kangaroo court says.

Another item that has been gaining some steam is the sentencing of a Kurdish woman, Malak Ghorbany, to death by stoning, news that first appeared on ADNKI. You know, what really gets me is how every Persian on the planet loves to boast about how freakin' civilized they are. They'll even put down the Turks for their barbaric, Kemalist ways, which is hilarious given that Persians do exactly the same things. . . especially with regard to Kurds.

So here we have the great and civilized Persian nation engaging in a little stone-aged style execution, something for which the great and civilized Persian nation has a definite enthusiasm. According to Amnesty International, Iran allegedly put a moratorium on death by stoning at the end of 2002. But this little bit of celibacy proved too much for the bloodthirsty nation, and by September of 2003, they were back at it.

(Note: At that Amnesty article, pay attention to the first part that talks about the execution of minors, and some of the examples they give. By the date of Amnesty's report--October, 2005--seven juvenile "offenders" had been executed in Iran that year.)

All of this reminds me of advice some of my Dohukî friends gave me. They said never trust a Persian, ever. The only thing that Persians do is lie. Exactly, and the BBC seemed to confirm this fact back at the beginning of 2005, ten months before the Amnesty report came out:

Iran has fiercely denied that it executes juvenile criminals or stones people to death, as some human rights groups have alleged.

"In the Islamic republic, we do not see such things being carried out," said judiciary spokesman Jamal Karimirad.

Some of you may be familiar with the term "projection," as it's used in the field of psychology, but for those of you who are not familiar with it, here's a definition:

Projection: Projection is one of the defense mechanisms identified by Freud and still acknowledged today. According to Freud, projection is when someone is threatened by or afraid of their own impulses so they attribute these impulses to someone else. For example, a person in psychoanalysis may insist to the therapist that he knows the therapist wants to rape some women, when in fact the client has these awful feelings to rape the woman.

Let's read on in the BBC article and see if we can find a practical example of projection:

He [Jamal Karimirad] described reports that such punishments were continuing as foreign propaganda against the Iranian state.

[ . . . ]

Iranian law specifies exactly how stoning should be carried out, saying stones must be small enough not to kill instantly.

But Mr Karimirad said that even if such sentences were passed by lower courts, they were overruled by higher courts and "no such verdicts have been carried out".

"Bringing up the issues of stoning and the execution of under-18s comes from outside the country and is aimed at distorting the image of the Islamic republic," he said.

There it is. See? My Dohukî friends were right. Naturally, Mr. Karimirad's denials and lies remind me of someone else in the neighborhood, someone else who's engaging in denial and lies about its barbaric treatment of 20 million Kurds who are enslaved within its borders.

Amnesty International also worked up a nice graphic to explain stone size for any would-be Persian executioners:

Get it now?

Okay, maybe you're a little thick. In that case, I have another graphic, a video, from Iran itself, and I strongly urge you to watch it, all of it. It's got a little over 15 minutes of run time and it may take a little while to download, but it's worth it. It's a video of a stoning execution. The first five or six minutes of the video show a flogging, so be patient or do the fast forward thing. When you get to the stoning, I want you to pay attention not only to those who are stoned, but to the ones doing the stoning. Those are members of the brave, civilized Persian nation, and they have a definite circus-like enthusiasm for their work. That enthusiasm may have something to do with the fact that god told them to behave in this way and, being the stupid bunch of barbaric blockheads that they are, they go right ahead and do it.

Here's the link, and it's gonna need RealPlayer. This video should teach you everything you need to know about the great Persian nation.

By the way, here's a link to the petition to save Malak Ghorbani from meeting the same fate as the victims in the video.

Does anyone really believe that life for Kurds under another Persian regime would be any different than it was under the Shah or as it is now under the mullahs? History proves that it will not be any different. Every Persian resistance group works only for itself, no matter how many lies they use to sweet talk Kurds into helping them liberate Persians. They lie to Kurds because they know Kurds can fight, something Persians are too cowardly to do.

As soon as Persians have their own freedom, they will turn on Kurds as they have always done. Not a single one of them is actually fighting the regime. No, they are crying for the US to do their dirty work for them, and that means that they don't burn enough for freedom.

Kurds should keep their eyes on their own prize and forget about all these liars.

Man. . . If I had a soul, I'd sell it to get torture videos out of Turkey, or videos of Ozel Timler at their dirty work.


Anonymous said...

Great article. There are plenty of eyewitnesses within Iran's borders that can attest to the fact that barbaric and horrific acts such as stoning are taking place. But this is exactly what the Persian mullahs, and even Pahlavists, do... they deny and lie and deny and lie. It is what they know best.

Mizgîn said...

Sipas, Anonymous.

Don't you sound like a Dohukî?


There is also the problem of drugs, and if I remember correctly, large amounts of drugs had been confiscated by Bashurî Kurd border guards, all of it coming from Iran.

So, yeah, Iran is extremely problematic.

Anonymous said...

I could sound like a Dohuki... but I probably more likely a Rojhelati instead :)

The problem of drugs has existed long before the Bashuri Kurds have begun confiscating them. Eastern Kurdistan has been hit by a huge inflow of drugs and narcotics for the past decades, and Kermashan is most particularly plagued. The youth is usually at the forefront of every movement and drugs are the easiest way to stop it.

Mizgîn said...

Temam, hevalê min ê Rojhelatî. Bi xêr hatî.

You are correct about drugs, youth and liberation movements.

It would be interesting to know how the invasion of Afghanistan has affected the flow of drugs into Iran in the last few years. It would also be interesting to know how much the evil mullahs are making from this trade.

Persian said...

This is not so much a "Persian regime" as it is an Islamic regime. And you Kurds know better than anyone about religious fundamentalism, the number of atricious honour killings you commit in Europe and elsewhere. So please bag it and shut the fuck up.

Mizgîn said...

There you go, lying again, Persian. We all know that the Shah was a Kurd-killer too, so don't try to pass your Persian secularism off as any better for Kurds than your Persian fundamentalism.

Too bad you missed a Kurdish discussion on the subject of honor murders. It looks like only the Persians and their brothers, the Turks, are in denial.

How's PJAK treating your regime these days? And it looks like the MHPers are working on your regime's Azeri problem. Watch any Gün TV lately?

STF? Isn't that a pretty big concept for that little Persian intellect of yours?

Jacie said...

I must admit that I am truly surprised that you feel that Persians would oppress their Kurdish countrymen/countrywomen if Iran was not being ruled by the Islamic thugs that it currently is.

Just to let you know, Lily Mazahery, the Persian-American lawyer who initiated the international campaign for both Nazanin Fatehi and Malak Ghorbani, was able to get the death sentences of both of these women over-turned. Having had some dealings with Lily Mazahery, I can assure you that she does not care one bit about the ethnicity of the women who are being abused by the Mullahs. In fact, I think that she feels that the Mullahs are engaged in the type of "ethnic cleansing" that is entirely inconsistent with true Persian values dating back to the time of Zoroaster. I would like to suggest that you contact Ms. Mazahery and find out for yourself. She's currently working around the clock to make sure that once Malak is actually released from prison, she and her two children will live in safety and peace in a community that embraces and celebrates them. It is unfortunate that her own family, and the Kurdish community that she's from has actually abandoned her and her two children.

True Persians do not care about the ethnic differences of Iranians. To the contrary, they celebrate and cherish them.

Mizgîn said...

Hmm. . . let's see, Persian oppression of Kurdish language and culture under the Shahs.

Right, Dr. Hassanpour has this to say:

"Ideologically, the assimilation of non-Persian nationalities was based on the glorification of Iran's pre-lslamic past and the "Aryan race" to which Iranians were claimed to belong. The political and linguistic aspects of the official Line found immediate support among Persian nationalists who went to extremes in order to legitimise the assimilation policy."

Would that whole pre-Islamic "Aryan race" thing have anthing to with glorious "true Persian" values?

"Members of the faculty at Tehran University and elsewhere also supported the Persianisation policy by claiming that Persian was the most exalted language of the world and the only language in Iran. M. Moghadam (Tehran University), for example, tried to prove that Turkish was a Persian dialect (Doerfer 1970:224)."

Who does that sound like? Can you say "ülkücü?" "Bozkurtlar?" "MHPer?" Don't get me wrong here; language and cultural rights are NOT enough.

There's another one on "true Persian" values and Kurds here. The only difference between the Shah's regime and the mullahs' is that the Shah murdered Kurds while allowing Persian women to wear bikinis--again, just like the Turks. The mullahs make them wear burqas. Otherwise, for Kurds, no difference.

"It is unfortunate that her own family, and the Kurdish community that she's from has actually abandoned her and her two children."

That's what's known as a Kurdish problem, for Kurds to solve. It's also another reason why Serok Apo is right.

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