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"You get to a point where it gets very complex, where you have money laundering activities, drug related activities, and terrorist support activities converging at certain points and becoming one."
~ Sibel Edmonds.

The other day Milliyet published news of Fethullah Gülen's petition for a permanent I-140 visa (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker). Portions of the article are translated here:

CIA Suspicion in Gulen's Refusal

Among the reasons given by the US State Department's attorneys as to why Gülen's permanent residence application was refused, is the suspicion of CIA financing of his movement.

The reasons for refusal of Fethullah Gülen's I-140 visa application have been revealed. According to US laws, every year a limited visa is given to extraordinary people in business, science, art, education, and sport, for permanent residency and work. Among the reasons for his application refusal, even though Gülen applied for the educational field, it turned out that he has neither any direct activity nor could he support his claim with any documentation to show he had extraordinary skills in this area. The I-140 application that Gulen made on 21 November 2006 has been denied after one year. Gülen, however, reapplied on 18 December 2007. Along with this application, Gülen presented reference letters to the court that had been written by 26 academicians and religious scholars. Some of these are Morton Abramovitz, Graham Fuller, and Mehmet Sağlam. In March 2008, Gülen's appeal was rejected. The court demanded recent information and documentation from the petitioner Gülen and the State Department.

The attorneys for the State Department, Patrick Meehan and Mary Catherine Frye, in their documents stated that "The petitioner indicates that he is a religious scholar and he has activities in the educational field. However, he presented, in addition to the absence of any documentation that proves he is an educator, he surrounds himself with academicians and pays them for speaking and criticizing his ideas in conferences that he organizes." They continued, "The documents that the petitioner presented show that he manages an effective movement in politics and religious issues. However, this special skill is not a field that the I-140 visa requires." The attorneys' defense has been accepted by the court.

Gülen's attorneys petitioned for an interim decision from the court in order to change the decision. As an answer to this petition, the state attorneys stated the following: "The petitioner claims that he has international appeal in the educational field, however not only is he not among extraordinarily skilled educators, he is not even an educator. As he presented, with evidence, he is the leader of a movement that has enormous financial sources and is effective in politics and religious issues. Interfaith dialog and tolerance are not among the requirements for the visa."

[ . . . ]

"There is even CIA suspicion"

"Because of the large amount of money that Gülen's movement uses to finance his projects, there are claims that he has secret agreements with Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkic governments. There are suspicions that the CIA is a co-payer in financing these projects," claimed the attorneys.

[ . . . ]

Among the documents that the state attorneys presented, there are claims about the Gülen movement's financial structure and it was emphasized that the movement's economic power reached $25 billion. "Schools, newspapers, universities, unions, television channels . . . The relationship among these are being debated. There is no transparency in their work," claimed the attorneys. They continued, "Gülen's own statements indicate that he is a religious man who spreads his philosophy through education; however, he is not an educator."

The main points appear to be that Gülen is not an educator. As a matter of fact, he has no education at all. More interestingly, it would appear that Gülen receives money from the CIA. The names of the 26 persons who wrote reference letters for Gülen's petition are given at the end of the Milliyet article. Since there's some suspicion on the part of the DHS as to CIA funding of the Fethullahcı, then there's a very high possibility that the 26 persons listed by Milliyet have received CIA funds through Gülen.

Let's note right now, too, that the most interesting of those 26 persons are the first three: George Fidas, Graham Fuller, and Morton Abramowitz.

George Fidas worked at the CIA for thirty-one years. Nowadays, he likes to write about the effects of global infectious diseases on US national security. He probably knows all about the AIDS virus that was created by the US government in a little lab outside of New Orleans. Frighteningly enough, the guy also teaches international relations at Washington University.

Graham Fuller is another ex-spook who was deeply involved in Afghanistan in the 1980s, encouraged the Reagan administration to begin arming Iran against Iraq during their slugfest, and suggested to the Clinton administration that it use Muslims to further US interests in Central Asia. Fuller also seems to have gone "native" on the Islam thing, as he's written a number of articles and books on political Islam. He's also written of his love affair with that most high-profile of Gülen's gangs, the AKP, and he's co-authored a book on Turkish Kurds with Henri J. Barkey, Turkey's Kurdish Question. It's always nice to know that something is a shameless piece of propaganda, which is exactly what Turkey's Kurdish Question is.

On a more ominous note, Graham Fuller was listed as one of the American Deep State rogues on Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Privilege Gallery, and if Sibel's nailed him, the dude's guilty.

Just to cement the idea that Turkey's Kurdish Question is a piece of anti-Kurd propaganda, the third person on Milliyet's list of those who wrote reference letters for Gülen is Morton Abramowitz, who wrote the forward to Turkey's Kurdish Question for Barkey and Fuller. I guess he figures he's an expert, given that he was the US ambassador to Turkey from 1989 to 1991. But Abramowitz was also deeply involved with Afghan mujahedin and Kosovo rebels. And if you ever wondered about the colossal ineffectiveness of Human Rights Watch, well, it may be because scumbags like Abramowitz are affiliated with it.

Not only do these guys make their money pontificating at universities and think-tanks, my money says they're all deeply involved with Turkey's heroin industry, the raw material for which comes from Afghanistan.

Oh, Hoca's in a world of trouble! BOO-HOO-HOOO!

While Gülen does his Hollywood best to bawl his eyes out over DHS's refusal to grant him an I-140, I think it's time for Sibel to add his name, and Fidas', Fuller's, and Abramowitz's, to her gallery of Deep State dirtbags.


Anonymous said...

He probably knows all about the AIDS virus that was created by the US government in a little lab outside of New Orleans.

Please Mizgin, I respect you and your blog too much. This statement is ridiculous and undermines the credibility of an otherwise very informative post.

Anonymous said...

How can we as US Citizens trust the education and knowledge of Mr. Gulen. His islam theory is only good for himself and AKP in Turkey. We most of the Turks believe there is a global work through all Christian Countries to divide and occupy Turkey. Therefore most of us do not believe that Mr. Gulen is a good news neither for Turkey nor for Islam in the world.

Mizgîn said...

But Kingfisher, this whole idea of the Deep State is ridiculous. The whole idea of nuclear blackmarketing by State Department officials is ridiculous, or that the CIA would be involved with narcotics trafficking from Central Asia and Afghanistan through Turkey is ridiculous. The idea that congressmen are on the payroll of the Ankara regime is also equally ridiculous.

None of these things are in the mainstream media so they are all ridiculous.

Yes, anonymous, Gulen is only good for himself and AKP.

Anonymous said...

You've translated part of the Milliyet article. Many US readers would really like to read all of it. Would you be willing to translate the entire article?

Anonymous said...

Gulen is a liar and Hizmet have twisted, manipulated, and bribed politicans, academia, military, education and more. They will fail in the USA with their worldwide domination mentality. Gulen doesn't have entitlement to education in America. He is a liar.

Sauros said...

Mr. Abramowitz was also involved with the illustrious KEG, Kampuchea Emergency Group, and sits on the board of the International Crisis Group with Mr. Soros. They are now busy building a post-Mubarak transition.

Anonymous said...

You failed to tell the whole truth; that President Erdogan himself had very close ties to Mr. Gulan, he would call Mr. Gulan "master" and according to records, would hunt for the honor achieved by shaking Mr. Gulan's hand. Now that the President and Mr. Gulan are foes, all Turkish media and their foreign extensions are talking only Mr. Gulan and disregard President Erdogan's past admiration for him. Does that seem fair to you; to tell only half of the story?

Yes, the story is incomplete without mentioning the brilliant work of Mr. Gulan's Turkish schools. The work that was praised by many past and current Turkish and foreign politicians, past Turkish Presidents, well-known scholars, etc. In fact, Mr. Gulan's schools has done more work in the name of introducing Turkey, Turkish language, Turkish culture, Turkish traditions to world than Mr. Erdogan or anyone else could ever imagine. Mr. Gulan is one of the few scholars, maybe the most influential one, who has built bridges among religions.

I bet none of you who mudsling such a person, have done no comparable work for your country. Prove me wrong, if you can.


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