Wednesday, July 30, 2008


"It was a PKK-style blast. One million people rallied in Spain to speak out about a similar attack."
~ Deniz Baykal, CHP Chairman.

"See, another treacherous PKK attack!"

Baykal's analogy is more appropriate than he thinks, but not in the way he thinks. The demonstrations he mentions resulted in the fall of the Partido Popular government, which initially blamed ETA for the Madrid train bombings:

Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar called for nationwide protests against the Basque separatist group ETA. "The government asks Spaniards to demonstrate tomorrow [Friday] in the streets of all of Spain... under the slogan 'with the victims, with constitution and for the defeat of terrorism'," Aznar said.

Words that Aznar has lived to regret. May the same happen to Baykal and Erdoğan.


mishka said...

The picture couldn't be more fitting.

Anonymous said...

He is an Eregnkon advocate:

Are they now also saying Beciksi has links with Ergenekon?

Hevallo said...

Precisely, Heval heja!

Axx! If only!

Anonymous said...

RE: Are they now also saying Besikci has links with Ergenekon?

I didn't find any references to Ismail Besikci in the article you provided a link to.

If such allegations exist, and if Kurds believe them, I can only hope that Ismail Besikci has learned a very hard lesson: No good deed goes unpunished.


Mizgîn said...

Fakikbaykurt, I second Nistiman's comments. I see no mention of Besikci or reference to him in the article you mention.

It seems like that article is based on Yasemin Congar's article in Taraf yesterday. I have it bookmarked with some others and hope to be able to do something with all of them over the weekend.