Wednesday, July 09, 2008


"I was quite surprised to learn that by far the most extensive and destructive stay-behind operations were those carried out in Turkey under the code name Counter-Guerrilla."
~ Tim Howells, "How Our Governments Use Terrorism To Control Us".

There was a minor incident in Istanbul today when three armed gunmen attacked the police at the entrance to the American consulate compound. The NYTimes is as good a rag as any to give you the basic rundown. The media lapdogs are dutifully echoing the straw man of the US embassy in Ankara, Ross "If I Only Had A Brain" Wilson, in blaming this little shoot-out on Al-Qaeda.

However, an item from the AP tells me that something else entirely is going on and it doesn't have too much to do with Al-Q:

NTV television and Dogan news agency identified the attackers as Erkan Kargin, 26, and Raif Topcil, 20, from the southeastern city of Bitlis and Bulent Cinar, 23, from the eastern city of Igdir. Police would not confirm their identities, but Interior Minister Besir Atalay said two of the assailants had criminal records.

Why, oh why do I smell Turkish Hezbollah? Could it be because the gunmen were recruited from The Southeast, where the AKP has been attempting to resurrect the Turkish Hezbollah? Turkish media is proposing that the gunmen were members of the IBDA-C (İslami Büyükdoğu Akıncılar Cephesi; Great Eastern Islamic Raiders' Front) and I wasted too much time reading various articles with headlines that were too promising compared to what information was actually delivered. Basically, there are suggestions of a similar ideology between IBDA-C and Al-Q but nothing that substantially, well, substantiates a deeper relationship that would justify equating IBDA-C with Al-Q. It does, however, make great propaganda copy for the lapdog media.

There has also been linkage in Turkish media with IBDA-C and the series of bombings in Istanbul in 2003 which included attacks on the British consulate in Istanbul, the HSBC bank, and two synagogues. Here's something on that, from the BBC:

In 2003, the group claimed responsibility for devastating bombings of the British consulate in Istanbul, the local headquarters of the HSBC bank and two synagogues, which together which left 58 dead, including British Consul General Roger Short.

Although last year saw the jailing of 48 people for their roles in the bombings - seven of them for life - their connection with IBDA-C is still unclear.

Turkish officials have always maintained that the bombings were the work of a separate group with direct links to al-Qaeda, known as the "Warriors for Islam" and that IBDA-C lacked the organisational ability to launch such a complex operation.

If the perpetrators of the latest attack are found to be members of IBDA-C and the reports of their recent return from Afghanistan prove to be true, the Turkish police may be forced to rethink their opinion of the group.

But, Turkish Hezbollah was more widely recognized as having carried out those bombings.

It's also widely recognized that the Ankara regime created Turkish Hezbollah.

As the Ankara regime tried to use Turkish Hezbollah to attempt to crush the PKK and then forgot about it until a shoot-out in Istanbul in 2000, so now it seems to have forgotten about its creation again until the shoot-out today. Could it be that the Ankara regime took a page out of the CIA's playbook, thinking it would be a very easy thing to control its creature, Turkish Hezbollah, even as the CIA thought it would be a very easy thing to control its own creature, Al-Q?

It's also widely recognized that other Islamist groups use Turkey, particularly Istanbul, as a staging ground, in cahoots with the Gray Wolves, and that these groups move freely across the borders. Other groups, such as Nizam-i Alem are involved with the Ergenekon gang.

Now ask yourself: Why was the attack carried out the way it was? Why go up to the entrance to the consulate compound and try to blast your way in with guns? The area around the consulate is wooded; it would be easy to use an RPG to blast it under cover. Why do it the stupid way instead? I suspect this attack is yet another act in the show known as the Strategy of Tension, as the Deep State reorganizes itself according to agreements reached between the AKP and the TSK.

Fırat News is awaiting a statement from HPG about the seizure of three German climbers. Of one thing, we can be guaranteed: These Germans will receive much better treatment from HPG than Kurds receive from German authorities. Remember the PKK way In the meantime, Hevallo opines.

Also check out Gordon Taylor's recent post--which I've been meaning to mention for a few days now--on the spread of HPG's areas of operation.


madtom said...

The CIA did not create AQ, the CIA funded the Saudis in the creation the Muhjadin (sp?) AQ came later after the Muhji were not allowed back into the kingdom after they kicked the Soviets out of Afghanistan. Chances are we paid the Turks for the IBDA-C too. But that does not mean we created those groups.

hey but "we never fired a shot"

But the point I wanted to make is that both of your links up there mention links or similarities between IBDA-C, Turkish Hezbillah, and AQ and even Ansar al Islam.

The part I liked best was:

the mutilated bodies of dozens of Turkish Hezbollah’s victims were discovered. These individuals had been kidnapped, tortured, and buried alive, as was shown on video recordings made by the group.

You do know why this tactic never worked against us right? Because we will consume anything, Jihad porn notwithstanding.

Renegade Eye said...

This evening I posted your recipes. Please keep an eye open on the discussion should it occur.

Israel used to fund Hamas, as an alternative to then leftist Al Fatah.

Mizgîn said...

But the point I wanted to make is that both of your links up there mention links or similarities between IBDA-C, Turkish Hezbillah, and AQ and even Ansar al Islam.

Madtom, there may very well be similarities in ideology among these groups, including Al-Q, but no evidence has ever been presented for any kind of definite alliance between Turkish Hezbollah, a related offshoot, IBDA-C, and Al-Q. I waded through a bunch of bullshit on Radikal last night and they offered no evidence either, but just engaged in a bunch of typical Turkish bloviation.

The other thing your favorite part left out was that all of those massacred by Turkish Hezbollah were Kurds, including moderate Muslim Kurdish women.

The US, by either stupidity or direct action did create Al-Q. Al-Q is led by whom? A member of a family that is excruciatingly close to the Bush family, and Bush Baba was CIA. Everywhere the US has encouraged the growth of radical, fundamentalist Islam.

And this encouragement is done for the same reasons that Israel used to fund Hamas, as RE mentions.

Thanks, RE, I'll check the post and reply if necessary.

madtom said...

"Everywhere the US has encouraged the growth of radical, fundamentalist Islam."

It was a tool to fight the godless Russians. You know using locals that understood the language and culture. Today we are blamed for doing the exact opposite, for going in with out own troops that don't know the language or culture. But no where did we intend that they would be used and then tossed away like a broken wrench. We bring back all our troops. even the crazy ones. we don't deny them reentry to the US after the war is over. Only in the Middle East have I ever seen anyone act in this manner with their own people. How were we to know that?