Thursday, July 24, 2008


"I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting."
~ Che Guevara.

The following are news items on the war in North Kurdistan from the last week:

HPG: 20 soldiers killed:

HPG declared that 20 soldiers were killed and 16 wounded in clashes that occured in the operation in Karakoçan Garrison, Yüksekova, and Çukurca.

HPG stated that two HPG guerrillas martyred themselves by exploding their grenades in order not to be taken as captives. HPG-BİM [Basın İrtibat Merkezi--Press Communication Center] stated that during the operation against the Kartune Garrison in Karakoçan area that the guerrillas initiated; two soldiers were killed, 3 were wounded, one of whom was a non-commissioned officer. In addition, they said that the operation begun after this clash is still ongoing.

A heavy strike in Yüksekova

On 19 July, a Turkish army unit was ambushed by the guerrillas in the Mergezere area of Yüksekova. BİM said: "Here eight soldiers were killed and ten also wounded. The operation began after the clash, which spread to the entire Şehit Rojhat area. During the intense clashes here, five enemy troops were killed, six of them were wounded." In the operation mentioned, BİM said that Veysi Kaplan (Bahtiyar Amed) and Şehram Hadizade (Fırat Rojhılat), guerrillas, martyred themselves by exploding their hand grenades. On 21 July, a military convoy that was going to Cukurca from Hakkari was ambushed between Çemkan and Şine villages, said BİM. One REO-type military vehicle was destroyed and five troops were killed. BİM said seven soldiers were also wounded and the Hakkari-Çukurca road was closed to traffic after this operation.

Name: Veysi Kaplan
Code Name: Bahtiyar Başarı
Date and Place of Birth: 1982/Amed
(26 years old)

Name: Şehran Hadizade
Code Name: Fırat Adar
Date and Place of Birth: 1987/Kotol
(21 years old)

A guerrilla ambush against Special Team: Three killed, three wounded

Three Special Team members were killed and three wounded while preparing to infiltrate South Kurdistan for point target operations at Çukurca, Hakkari.

According to the information received, on 16 July a team of 20 special operations forces, brought by airplane to Amed from Ankara Gölbaiı Special Operations Center; from Amed, they were sent by helicopter to Köprülü Jandarma Battalion Command in Çukurca. The 20-member special forces team crossed the South Kurdistan border on 19 July and raided a pre-determined point where guerrillas were positioned. Meanwhile, in the clash that took place between the guerrillas, who set an ambush, and the Special Forces team, Hasan Çemşir and two other Special Forces team members, whose names could not be identified, were killed and three wounded. The helicopters that had been sent after the operation bombed the area. After the bombardment,they took the dead and wounded Special Forces team members away.

Congratulations from HPG to the guerrilla forces in Kato:

HPG congratulated the guerrilla forces who showed a strong resistance to Turkish army operations on Kato Mountain.

HPG Headquarters Command, in its statement, pointed out the attacks that had been increased in 2008, and said, "The main reason for these attacks is HPG guerrillas that are the guardians and the developing force of our basic values."

The Botan region, which is identified as the heart of Kurdistan, is the base of the Turkish army's attacks; "However every attempt here results in failure." HPG continued: "We congratulate our guerrilla forces' struggle in the unreachable heights of Kato, with their iron will despite all the Turkish army's techniques and violent attempts. With this struggle, one more time, we are proving to friends and enemies that there is no single force that the belief and spirit of the Apocu guerrillas cannot overcome. This struggle that took place on Botan's Kato peaks will be written in history with golden letters; Comrades Bedran, Şervan, and Çiya, who reached martyrdom courageously, will not be forgotten."

The paşas are vampires. They only live by blood.


hamo said...

Most of the Turkish newspapers describe the dead Turkish soldiers as martyr in their headlines but when it comes to Kurdish Freedom Fighters (PKK), they use foul language. Turkish media and the government should never forget that every war has its peace. One way or another fascist Turkish state will have to sit at the table with the PKK and negotiate for peace. When the time comes Turkish media's attitude against the Kurdish people will not be forgotten and every single media provocateur will be punished accordingly.

Gordon Taylor said...


Please tell us (exactly) where Kato is. I assume it has been given a Turkish name. Please tell that too if you know it.


Mizgîn said...

Gordon, the Kato mentioned here is part of the Toros (Taurus) Mountain range, which I'm sure you're familiar with.

The particular Kato referred to by HPG is the Kato located at Beytussebap. There is more than one Kato. In Beytussebap alone there are two, a big one and a small one.

In fact, one time in the 1990s, the guerrillas managed to post a PKK flag on the big Kato in Beytussebap, so this is a legendary place in PKK history and never more so than right now. The current resistance at Kato is absolutely awe-inspiring.


Gordon Taylor said...


I'm still unsure of where Kato is. ("Toros" means nothing: if it's in the Toros it could be anywhere. The Aladaglari near Nigde are part of the Toros, and they're nowhere near Botan. Likewise the Bolkar. The mountains behind Antalya are also part of the Toros.) Beytussebap helps me a lot, but is it north, south, east or west of Beytussebap? Is it the mountain identified on maps as Tanintanin Daglari? The photo you published really looks like Tanintanin. It's just south of Kespiyanish (Mutluca), which is south of B'sebap. The Khabur Su flows through that range.


Anonymous said...

"the Toros, and they're nowhere near Botan"

Dear Gordon, Botan and Hakkari Mountains are included in the Toros Mountains. At Hakkari Mountains, the Toros reach the Zagros.


Gordon Taylor said...

Dear Elisher,

Yes, I know that the Toros extends a long way. That was my point: it extends a long way, so I asked for more specific information. I still don't know where Kato mountain is.


Mizgîn said...

Gordon, go to Beytussebap; Kato is right there. I can't get any more specific because Beytussebap is where Kato is.

Its not like Agri Dag and Dogubeyazit, where you still have some distance to go from Dogubeyazit to get to Agri Dag, but Kato Dag is right there, at Beytussebap.

Like Agri Dag, there is a big and a little Kato Dag, right at Beytussebap.

Gordon Taylor said...


Thank you. That will do.


Anonymous said...

OK dear Gordon, I didn't understand well.


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