Monday, July 28, 2008


"To open the Susurluk file means challenging the system. Neither Erdogan nor Baykal have such a concern."
~ Fikri Sağlar, former Parliament Susurluk Investigation Commission member.

HPG issued a statement today on the Güngören bombing:

HPG: We have nothing to do with the attack in Güngören

A statement came from HPG regarding the explosion in Istanbul Güngören against civilians which resulted in 18 casualties.

In the statement, from HPG Headquarters Command, titled "To our people and public", HPG stated that it does not have anything to do with the attack in Güngören."

KCK also issued a denial and condemnation:

KCK: Baykal is trying to conceal the attackers

KCK condemned the attack against civilians in Istanbul Güngören, gave their condolences to the relatives of the dead, and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded. KCK mentioned that the attacks were the work of hidden forces. Quoting from CHP chairman Deniz Baykal, "more than likely PKK did it," KCK said: "Baykal is trying to conceal the real perpetrators by this quote."

[ . . . ]

"One of the strategic goals of the Kurdish Freedom Movement is not being only Kurdistan's social movement but at the same time, it aims to gain the Turkish people and create living conditions based on the peoples' brotherhood and equality. In this respect, it is impossible for us to implement such an attack in Güngören given the fact that our goal is to gain the hearts of the Turkish people. Our movement never targeted civilians directly. In addition, our movement refused all kinds of violence that exceeds our right to self-defense and see such violence as counter-productive and terrorism."

Of course, there's a very good reason why Baykal is so hot to blame PKK for the Güngören bombings. Today, Baykal is calling for protests from all people as a reaction to the bombings. But why is Baykal calling for protest against this incident but never called for protests against the Şemdinli bombing?

One week ago, on 19 July, the Turkish general staff released a statement in the finest tradition of e-coups. In their statement, they said: "It is a natural expectation for the Turkish people to show their legal and democratic reaction to the unlawful attacks against the TSK". The Ergenekon investigation revealed that active duty TSK lieutenants were involved in forming a terrorist organization within the state. The paşas didn't like this exposure of the truth, so they urged the people to demonstrate in favor of them. Unfortunately for the paşas, the people did no such thing.

In order to conjure an excuse to make people take to the streets in defense of the very helpless TSK, they needed an incident: Güngören. This is why Baykal now takes the opportunity to whip the people into a frenzy and, in addition to drumming up support for TSK, he would also like to see a street mob out against AKP.

The icing on the cake can be found in a video at Fethullah Gülen's Zaman. The home video was filmed from a balcony by a resident of Güngören.

In the video, the first bomb has already gone off and a crowd continues to gather. According to reports, there was about a 10 minute delay between the first bomb and the detonation of the second bomb. However, as you watch the video you will see something very unusual for Turkey. There has been an explosion some ten minutes earlier, and there are no police present. There are no police vehicles, no flashing lights, no one securing the crime scene. The police station is a five minute walk from the scene of the bombings; less by police vehicle. So why are no police there?

You see the second bomb explode in the video and still there are no police on the scene. Why? Where were your police, Celalettin Cerrah? They were all over Istanbul on May Day, yet they couldn't manage to show up to secure a crime scene that is within easy walking distance of their own station?

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. After all, it was a former Istanbul deputy police chief who was found dead in a Mercedes in Susurluk with a state's assassin and police collaborator dead at his side.

By the way, now that all the "experts" are pontificating, RDX is a component of common military explosives. That would most likely include the plastic explosive used in the Güngören bombing as well as in the grenades found in the Ergenekon cache in Ümraniye, which came from Şemdinli.


Anonymous said...

Well-done my friend.

Now, you see how quick is the US MSM in echoing the baseless 'Kurds did it!' theory?

They keep getting the same so-called 'Turkey Experts' from the usual suspect US Think Tanks and the academics funded by Mr. Gulen the Greatest Thinker;-)

People, go get Martin A Lee's well-researched objective articles on TSK-Mafia-Susurluk-Gladio. Just like our own Neocons here, Turkey's circle of criminal pashas happens to be the sameo-same-o since mid 1980s....

Again, Kudos to Mizgin.


Anonymous said...

There are some interesting comments in the Turkish media regarding to this bombings.

First: 'polis yetkilileri, eylemin bilançosunun ağır olması nedeniyle önce El-Kaide örgütü üzerinde durdu. Ama bu örgütün eylemlerinde direkt Müslüman halkı hedef almaması nedeniyle bu ihtimal zayıfladı.'

Translation 'According to Turkish police Al-Qaida does not attack to Muslim population and because of the magnitute and the casualties they do not see the Al-Qaida as prime suspect'

Second 'Güler eylemin PKK’yla ilişkisine yönelik soru üzerine, "Bölücü örgüt bağlantısı tabii ki görülüyor. Onun üzerinde çalışmalarımızı sürdürüyoruz. İlk fırsatta bir sonuç alacağımızı umuyoruz" dedi.

Translation 'When the Guler asked on PKK connection regarding to attack he answered 'Of course we see connection to separatist terror organization. Our work is based on this assumption and we will bring the results as soon as possible'

Innocent until proven guilty! ehhhhh? Even this basic common-sense international legal approach does not work in Turkish justice system. Expecting Islamic AKP to bring turkish pashas to justice is a lot of nonsense (Ergenekon case) as same as initial expectation for some people to AKP solving Kurdish issue in Turkey during the elections.

Anonymous said...

Sabah is blaming TAK. They claim TAK has already taken responsibility. Any legitimacy to Sabah's claim? I haven't seen anything official from TAK myself...

Anonymous said...

Rumars says it was the job of the Martians from the outher space.

A rumor says it was the job of the Martians from the outer space.
By the way Sabah newspaper recently bought by the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamid bin Halife El-Tani who has close ties to Islamic AKP administration. I don't think such a paper would even assume responsibility of Al-Qaida.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, S. You know how it is, a person could go barking mad following all of this. Maybe that's why very few pay attention. I second the motion on the Martin Lee suggestion there, too.

Of course, Hamo, guilty until proven innocent, for Kurds always. But the most ridiculous thing I've come across in connection with the bombing was something on Bugun, I think (I've covered too much news lately). According to that craziness, one guy from PKK traveled all the way from Qendil, crossed the border with the bomb (yeah, right, the writer has obviously never passed the glorious gates of Habur), traveled all the way to Istanbul, and then planted the bomb. Such creative writing that it probably is done by Martians or some other kind of alien life.


Sabah is the daily that claimed Ralston was elected to the board of Lockheed AFTER he was appointed as "special envoy" to "coordinate the PKK for Turkey," which was an outright lie that was easily verified by news releases from Lockheed.

I haven't seen anything from TAK, either, and they claim all their stuff IMMEDIATELY after detonation. Somebody at Sabah is blowing it out their ass.