Sunday, May 11, 2008


"We did not know they were this desperate."
~ Zübeyir Aydar on recent TSK statements.

Not surprisingly, the KONGRA-GEL chairman says the Turkish general staff's surprise is rubbish:

KONGRA-GEL chairman Zübeyir Aydar refuted the Turkish general staff statement about Cemil Bayık, that he had run away to a neighboring country and that his status was unknown.

In his statement, Aydar said, "Since the disinformation about KCK's executive council chief Murat Karayılan, that was released for several days, did not convince people, this time they are giving disinformation about Cemil Bayık. By doing so, they are implementing a psychological war. All these statements are entirely aimed at affecting the public's mind and demoralizing the Kurdish people. No one must give any credit to such statements."

Kongra Gel preseident Aydar said: "To be honest, we were also curious about the Turkish general staff's surprise; however now it is more obvious that this "surprise" is rubbish. Our friend Cemil Bayık neither went to another country nor has been "made dysfunctional". He is on duty, doing his work. No one has run away anywhere. There isn't any panic atmosphere. These are statements to affect the public's mind in their psychological war. No one must give any credit to these statements. Every week they state some news like one of PKK's administrators is killed or has run away. By doing so they want to demoralize our people.

"Actually, they are forcing our organization to make statements. This [news] mustn't be taken seriously. These generals have several stars but their lies are too much! These lies are disrespctful of the Turkish people. Indeed, these false statements show how these generals are lacking in seriousness. We did not know they were this desperate.

Regarding PKK's casualties, Aydar said, "This movement has a characteristic: we feel that we are responsible toward our people. This movement has always been open, never hiding its casualties; it mentions when it has casualties," and wanted Kurdish people not to give credit to such false news which aims at disinformation.

Meanwhile, Bahoz Erdal chimed in with statements of his own regarding the psychological war and public lies of the Turkish general staff in reference to a major operation last week in Şemdinli's Bezele military post:

Dr. Bahoz Erdal said, "The Turkish general staff chief [Büyükanıt] released a statement at midnight [9 May] that 19 guerrillas had been killed and TSK had two casualties, unlike the previous statements; the clash between the guerrillas and Turkish troops was still ongoing however. Not finding this lie sufficient, he added another lie to it by saying that, after the attacks on Qendil, PKK was in panic, some PKK administrators had run away, something happened to some of them, etc. This was their second lie. The general staff's midnight statement intended to diminish the effect of the Oramar, Gabar, and Zap resistance and, too, to block its rise. Again, Büyükanıt meant to diminish the effects of the Bezele operation in order to hide the realities."

I wonder how the Turkish general staff explains Murat Karayılan's miraculous resurrection and appearance on ROJ TV last week?

Instead of the official lies of the Turkish general staff, it appears that 29 Turkish soldiers have been killed during the Bezele operation and 11 wounded (contrary to the six that Turkish media admits to). The Bezele post was manned with 100 commandos and 250 regular soldiers. In this operation most of the station has been destroyed; four buildings, the arsenal, and seven military tents have been destroyed. The explosions in the arsenal continued from midnight until morning hours. Six military vehicles and one bulldozer have been destroyed as well. HPG sees this operation as one of its biggest in recent years.

These are the realities that Yaşar Paşa is trying to cover up.

PJAK has taken retaliation which resulted in the deaths of 18 pasdarans. PJAK executed operations as a retaliation against aerial attacks, in which Turkey and Iran cooperated, and which resulted in the deaths of six guerrillas. In these operations, PJAK killed 18 Iranian soldiers and suffered no casualties of their own.

Bijî PJAK! Bijî HPG!


hamo said...

These are the pictures published yesterday on most of the Turkish Nationalist Newspapers. This Turkish Army Station in Kurdistan mostly destroyed by the HPG and 29 Fascist Army members killed as exactly what HPG described.

HPG's commander Dr. Bahoz Erdal ask the mothers of death Turkish soldiers to organize themselves in groups as similar to relatives of the Vietnam victims in USA or as similar to Israel's peace mothers whom changed the attitude of their governments. Dr Bahoz Erdal suggests that the least benefiter’s war in Kurdistan is the Turkish people and only power to stop this war will be the ordinary Turks. HPG commander made it clear that the guerillas no way consider Turkish people as enemy but their oppressive and denials system.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the photos, Hamo.

Certainly the Turkish people should take Heval Bahoz's advice. However, the only ones that I see coming anywhere near his advice are the Leftists like MLKP or the socialists.

It would also be difficult for the guerrillas to consider the Turkish people the enemy when there are Turks who are also guerrillas.

Anonymous said...

While it is impossible for me to claim that being a Turk in and of itself makes a person an enemy of the guerrillas or of Kurdistan, certainly the Turkish people as a group have truly earned the enmity of the Kurds.

In such a large and ethnically diverse country only a few voices of dissent have dared to speak out for basic Kurdish rights let alone to oppose the dirty war in Kurdistan. I also suspect that those leftists and socialists who support the Kurds are in fact ethnic Kurds who choose to struggle under the banner of socialism.

Turks who accept the Kurds' right of self-determination -- whatever form that may present itself -- are rare.

I agree with Bahoz Erdal that the Turkish people can stop this war; they are, after all, the ones who continue it, who vow to supply it with blood in perpetuity, who give it morale and make the war inevitable.


hamo said...

I totally agree with two comments and the points above;
"The only ones that I see coming anywhere near his advice are the Leftists like MLKP or the socialists.", Mizgin
"I also suspect that those leftists and socialists who support the Kurds are in fact ethnic Kurds who choose to struggle under the banner of socialism.", nistiman.

Considering the regime, the system and the mentality of the Turkish state it should not be found ironic to see such that some of the society members who even deny their own roots or the identity. Turkish state completely based on militarist ideologies, the sole protector of the Turkish people, the land and the regime is the army itself whom also considered as the creators of the Turkish state.