Thursday, May 08, 2008


"It is time to put stop to the atrocities and human rights violations of the Turkish and Iranian Islamic oppressive regimes."
~ PJAK Press Release, 7 May 2008.

Why PJAK fights:

Notice that around 1 minute, 20 seconds into the clip, you can see that this Kurdish youth is still alive--or that may be the moment at which he dies.

There is some commentary on content of the video at its YouTube page. Any Rojhelatî who can decipher the conversation, I'd appreciate it if you post in comments.

May there be a suicide bomber for each one of these filthy pasdarans and each member of their extended families, from infants to elderly--without exception!

Still doubtful about the close relationship between the US and Iran? Check these facts:

1) Who is the largest donor to America's Afghanistan rebuilding effort? Iran of course! $570 Million (committed right after the US invasion) and then another $100 Million recently when money ran short. This is by far the largest sum from any nation.

2) Who provided Military assistance to the US during the Invasion of Afghanistan? Iran's puppet Afghan army: the Northern Alliance. Without doubt, Iran is the principal backer of the Northern Alliance. Iran not only rendered huge amounts of material and military assistance to the Northern Alliance groups. But Iranian special envoys such as Alae'ddin Broujerdi (chairman of Iran Majlis' - Parliament's - foreign affairs and security commission) was a frequent visitor to the Amu Darya region and Panjshir Valley, cajoling and motivating the anti-Taliban resistance. Without Broujerdi's persuasive skill, Northern Alliance groups, ridden with petty jealousies and personality conflicts and turf problems, would have unraveled. And without the Northern Alliance, US forces would not have had the 'ground' support, logistics support, linguistic support to invade and then hold down a matter of a few days.

3) Who is the number one exporter to Iraq? Iran of course! Iran exported $1.7 billion dollars worth of non-oil goods to Iraq last year. Not Saudi Arabia, Not Jordan, Not Turkey, No...No major US ally...its Iran. Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Tamarchin border crossing point, Mohammad-Hossein Bagh-Enayat said that the commodities that had been exported to Iraq through 13 border points including Tamarchin in West Azarbaijan included basic supplies needed to maintain stability in Iran. Bagh-Enayat said that Kermanshah province in western Iran, ranks first in terms of exporting goods to Iraq. He added that Iran's non-oil exports increased by 15.14 percent last year compared to the preceding year. Currently, 300 tons of kerosene is exported to Iraq every day through the Mehran crossing and this amount is scheduled to be increased to 2000 tons a day. Iran supplies 470 MW of power (electricity) to Basra, 120 MW of power (electricity) to the Kurds in the north, the Iraqi markets are filled with Iranian air conditioners, refrigerators, cars, trucks, tires, name it ...Iran supplies it. This is during a period of supposedly 'increased economic sanctions against Iran' with restrictions on trade with Iran and increased US military surveillance on the border between Iran and Iraq.

4) Who established the first functioning embassy in Iraq (and for that matter Afghanistan)? Iran of course. Iran recognized the new 'American Installed' provisional governments immediately. NO ARAB country has an operating embassy in Baghdad yet!! Many have promised, none have delivered.

5) Who has given up almost all of its legitimate territorial claims in the Caspian Sea to allow US and British Oil companies to steal (Iranian) oil and Gas through Azarbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmanestan? Iran, of course. Iran is on the verge of signing a treaty to reduce its territorial claims in the Caspian to 11% of the Sea; down from 50% established in previous treaties. And who benefits? BP in Azarbaijan, Conoco in Kazakhstan, Unocal in Uzbekistan... The Mullahs have given away access to probably the largest reserves of Hydrocarbons on the face of the planet. Literally trillions of dollars...all for US and British benefit!

6) Who is in charge now in Afghanistan and Iraq? Iran's Shiite allies of course. They completely dominate both governments. Most of them have spent years living in exile in Iran...under Iranian protection. Iran's enemies (Sadam Hussein and the Taliban) have been defeated at minimal cost to Iran ...all at US expense, and now both Afghanistan and Iraq have essentially been handed to Iran's puppets. Now that my friend is what friends are for!

In addition, let's not forget the Iran-Contra Affair and the role played in it by the current Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates.

For something on how the US military is supporting the Taliban's heroin industry, check out this post (and all the links) from Cryptogon.

Meanwhile, Hevallo has a bad feeling about tourism in Turkey this summer.


Rojhilati said...

In the beginning, they are repeatedly asking whether the victim is PKK or PJAK.

"PKKe ya Pejake ba nezare to"
"Is [he] PKK or PJAK in your opinion?"

Eventually one of them answers and says, "I think it's PKK."

Then just before they decide to wrap the victim's body, one of them says he's alive.

"Zendeh, namordan"
"[He's] alive, [he's] not dead"

But of course they don't try to help the victim and instead begin to wrap him.

While they are wrapping him and even after they are finished, a few of them say it a few more times... that the victim is alive and not dead. However, no one seems to care and they wait for the victim to die.

Throughout the video, the rest of the conversations are just about turning the victim's body this and that way and lifting him, etc. Very sad and very disgusting.

These men are Iranian Pasdarans. While it's clear many are ethnic Persians, it's just as clear by the accents of some of them, as they are speaking Farsi, that there are Kurds among them as well... nevertheless, all are obviously nationals and should be taken as criminals carrying out the crimes of the state.

Very disturbing video.

Rojhilati said...

By the way, even more disturbing is how some of the are laughing and carrying out casual conversations as if nothing is going on...

Kurd said...

it's important to note that according to local sources the 15-year-old in the video actually was not even a Kurdish rebel. and you can tell even the pasdarans weren't sure if he was or not because they question themselves in the video several times.

most likely, he was just a civilian who was shot because he happens to live near the border. iranian forces get away with these types of killings all the time.

and this is as you said, why pjak fights.

Mizgîn said...

Many thanks for the clarification on what's being said, Rojhilati.

Disturbing to the point that I am really, really, really angry.

Kurd, local sources may say what you mention, but look carefully at the sutik and the shoes.

I have no doubt, as you say, that pasdarans get away with this kind of thing all the time. So much the more reason for me to wish them all the most horrible deaths imaginable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mizgin,

Please also see this video. More on why PJAK fights to defend the Kurdish people from the Terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran:

Janice said...

this may sound cowardly, but I typically do not watch videos such as this because they are so painful. I had to see for myself, what was described above in the comments--that humanity could sink so low. Someone's child/son; someone's brother... I wish there could be a peaceful end to this whole bloody mess. I don't think we have to worry about global warming killing us off--we are doing a fine job of destroying ourselves as it is.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks for the info on the Rojhelati journalists, Anonymous. This is why we need a blogger who will follow the events in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan closely and write about it.

Well, Janice, there could have been a peaceful resolution to a portion of this problem anyway, but Turkey and the US, with the acquiescence of the EU, rejected PKK's offer.

If the Turkish problem could be solved, PKK's full attention could then be directed at Iran.

Anonymous said...

the video link you have posted is dead. here is an updated link: