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"I thank God for blessing us with the good fortune to visit Iraq and to meet our dear brothers in oppressed Iraq."
~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

KCK: A new US bomb has been used in Qendil

The KCK Executive Council Chairmanship pointed out the US-Iran-Turkey-Iraq cooperation and the use of a US-made bomb that has been manufactured after 2001 and contains various gases in the attacks that targeted PJAK.

A US bomb manufactured after 2001 has been used

Stressing the bombardment in Qendil on the night of 1 May, at the same time that the AKP government and Turkish state engaged in state terror in Istanbul against the labor unions, KCK stated that PJAK's headquarters and PJAK'sforces have been targeted.

KCK stated as follows: "As a result of the attacks, the press bureau of PJAK's headquarters has been damaged; five press workers out of six of Kurdistan's brave sons have been martyred. Remarkable damage occured in neighboring villages during the Qendil bombardment. It was discovered that a US-made (manufactured after 2001) bomb, which contained various gases, was used in these attacks. It is obvious that the weapon that had been used was one of the weapons that is banned by international laws of warfare. In this respect, the investigation and revelation of its features is ongoing. We are calling all human rights associations to hold an investigation in the bombed areas."

The target was not PKK but PJAK's headquarters

In this respect, stressing the statements that have been released by the Turkish general staff are complete lies, KCK says: "The targeted place was not PKK, but it was PJAK's headquarters and its press bureau. With the exception of six casualties in this area, neither PJAK nor any other forces have casualties. The numbers that have been released by the Turkish general staff and the claim that some of our leaders have been struck is completely untrue. There is no such thing."

KCK thinks that a message is being delivered by these attacks, by saying, "The violence that was used against laborers in Turkey and the attacks against Qendil on the night of the same day means 'whoever opposes the system will be crushed.' It is remarkable that the attacks were against PJAK forces, which was recently and intensely discussed. Then the message becomes one of how they can massacre the Kurdish people and how cruelly they would treat Kurdistan's freedom movement, no matter in which part of Kurdistan it is."

The US and Iran ironically cooperated

KCK draws attention to the possible US-Iranian cooperation in these attacks and calls such cooperation ironic. KCK stated: "Iranian president Ahmadinejad called Turkey and Iraq to cooperate with Iran against the Kurdish freedom movement, during his visit to Iraq some time ago. Later on, as a result of the Turkish-Iranian alliance and their delegates' meetings, the intelligence and reconnaissance forces of both countries became active on the border and over Qendil. All these activities pointed to a new, joint attack. Three days before the attacks, information received as Turkey, Iran and Iraq had joined reconnaissance activities in PJAK's region. In addition to this, the attacks began after US surveillance aircraft collected intelligence by flying over the region the previous day. One can understand that the result of the intelligence collected through land reconnaissance (by Turkey, Iran, and Iraq),and the intelligence collected from US surveillance aircraft, were combined. In this respect, the cooperation of the countries that implemented the bombardment becomes obvious. Turkey implements its attack through US surveillance intelligence. The Turkish attack against PJAK's headquarters, which is fighting against Iran (an American "enemy"), raises several questions. When one puts Iran's cooperation with Turkey against the same target (PJAK), one can easily see an ironic cooperation between the US and Iran. This irony is very complex and needs a clear explanation.

Are Iran, Turkey, Iraq and the US cooperating?

KCK asks the following: "Now we are asking clearly: Is there any alliance between Iran, Turkey, Iraq and the US against the Kurdish freedom movement during the recent attacks against PJAK? Is this a new CENTO against the Kurdish people or is it just a case of misleading and deceiving each other? This situation must be understood and it requires explanation. Why do the US and Iran unite at the point where they fight against the Kurdish people's freedom struggle?

The Southern Government must not be bystanders

"Our movement claims that if we could reveal the dirty laundry of the forces behind these attacks, then the games played against the Kurdish people, and the dirty plans would be revealed." KCK continued: "For this reason, we call all Kurdish patriots in all parts of Kurdistan, primarily the KRG, to raise their voices, to unite for the (Kurdish) national good, to become conscious of these dirty games, and to urge Kurds not to act as bystanders in this dirty scenario.

Excerpted from Özgür Gündem.

It may be that during Ahmadinejad's visit to Iraq at the beginning of March, a deal was made between the US and Iran through the Iraqi government, in which Iran agreed to reduce its interference with the American occupation in exchange for US cooperation against Kurdish fighters.

After all, it would not be out of character for the Americans to figure that as long as their casualty rates go down, it's just fine and dandy to help the neighbors slaughter Kurds.

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hamo said...

And everybody expect people to be fool to believe all these joint military operations by the USA, Turkey, Iran and Iraq just because assumed 500 Kurdish Freedom Fighters (PKK) up in the South Kurdistan mountains. Remember the Turkish Premier Erdogan's comments about the subject when he was pushed for the military invasion of Southern Kurdistan by the Turkish journalists and the military. He said "Have we finished the 5000 militants in Turkey to go and occupy Northern Iraq for 500 PKK militants"

The real source of the terrorism is within the Turkish land. The system, regime and the mentality of the Turkish state keep creating the people who are called "terrorists". If the world do not pinpoint the real sorce of the terrorism then someday all of us will be considered terrorists. Talking can only go so far and if you are not listened then there will be time for radical actions.