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"Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer."
~ Mark Twain.

Continuing with Gordon Taylor's recent discussion of the growing number of suicides in the TSK, here's something from Firat News:

Turkish troop deaths from suicide or clashes?

The number of troops that commit suicide is increasing in the Kurdish provinces where military operations and clashes occur intensely. In Batman, one more soldier ended his life.

Recently, troop deaths, which are explained by TSK as suicides, accidental shootings, or strikes by lightning, are increasing. It is remarkable to see that most of the deadly accidents happen in Kurdish provinces; however, TSK states that such accidental deaths are the result of military operation losses.

In Acar Jandarma station, in Sason, Batman, a soldier shot himself with his own weapon. Jandarma Private Ali Hüseyin Erdil (age 21), who was serving for seven months, committed suicide with his G3 infantry weapon in the Sason Acar Jandarma station. His body was taken to Batman State Hospital by his station commanders for an autopsy. After the autopsy, his corpse was sent to his hometown, Kozan, Adana.

Last month, H.K. (full name not released;from Urfa), who was serving in İsmail Seydişehir Barrack supply company in Kayseri's land forces garrison command, shot himself in the head with his weapon while on guard duty.

Before that, in Bitlis, Mutki town, it was alleged that Jandarma private Tolga Kandemir (from Doğubeyazıt) was killed by his weapon's accidental discharge.

In Dersim, Private Mutlu Olcer, first was alleged to have died from a traffic accident. Later his death was stated as an accidental weapon discharge.

Also from Firat, the Danish government refused Turkey's complaint against Roj TV's broadcasting regarding the eight Turkish prisoners of war from the Dağlica (Oremar) operation last October. The Turkish embassy claimed that such broadcasting was "clearly and consciously the propaganda of PKK/KONGRA-GEL." However, the Danish Radio and Television Commission, after viewing the broadcast, refused Turkey's demand to end Roj TV broadcasting by saying, "Such broadcasts might make Turkish officials angry, but this does not mean a violation of broadcast principles."

At New York's Tribeca Film Festival, Kurdish director Hüsayin Karabey won the title of this year's best director for his film "To Go" ("Gitmek"). The festival's jury gave Karabey the award due to the movie's mixture of documentary and classic love story, in addition to Karabey's skills by creating a modern, as well as realistic and internationally unique, heroine. More on the film can be found at

Firat also reports that a new political party has been founded in Turkey, the BDP:

A new party has joined Turkey's political life. Founded as the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), the new party gave its foundation documentation to the Turkish Interior Ministry.

The founder and general chief of the party is lawyer Mustafa Ayzit, and the emblem for the party is the oak tree on a yellow background. BDP aims to finalize its organizational work and complete its organization throughout Turkey by August. Then it will be able to hold its grand congress. Thus BDP will have the right to join the regional elections in March 2009.

Hint, hint; wink, wink.

Some of the political goals of the BDP include writing a new constitution, rearranging political party and election laws, redefining secularism, finding a democratic solution to the Kurdish question, affirmative action for women, and emmpowering regional governments (decentralization of the government).

Also--not to forget--on 1 May, the Turkish prime minister's website was hacked by someone named "Karan". The hacker had a message for Sayın Kerdoğan:

Dear Mr. Prime Minister, since you do not hear our voices, we make ourselves heard in this way. While there are millions of the unemployed, you keep appointing thousands of imams. Thus, maybe this country will be saved by their prayers."

Once again, reports of Murat Karayılan's death have been greatly exaggerated in the Turkish media this week, as have Turkish general staff claims of the deaths of 150 HPG guerrillas from Turkish aerial operations. The only human casualties from last week's Turkish bombing were the six HRK (Hêzên Rojhilata Kurdistan) guerrillas that were martyred on 1 May.

Şehîd nemirin!

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