Sunday, October 28, 2007


"The people who engaged in abuses will be brought to justice. The world will see how a free system, a democratic system, functions and operates, transparently, with no cover-ups."
~ Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, on Abu Ghraib.

It's the American way, the NATO way!

Torture claim is filed against Rumsfeld in France.

Rumsfeld flees France fearing arrest.

Stupid French! Don't they have a no-fly list?

Rumsfeld, Cheney, John Yoo, Alberto Gonzalez . . . the entire American administration should be tried for war crimes and receive their proper punishment.

The entire French administration should be tried for assisting the flight of a war criminal.


Renegade Eye said...

There is a need for revolutionary justice.

There was a rally of Kurdish, against Turkey in Iraq, at of all places Fargo, North Dakota.

Gordon Taylor said...


Thanks for the links below. I think you and your Kurdish readers will definitely want to take a look at this:

I've dug deep into the photo archives at the HPG website and analyzed some of the images there. I think you'll find the results interesting.

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, Renegade Eye, I had heard something about a rally in North Dakota but I can't remember now where I read that.

Thanks for your work, Gordon, and for the new link. Kurdistan is really a beautiful and amazing place. I'm not surprised that the gerilas find those kinds of places and objects.

I cannot explain what it is like, although I have tried. I have always wanted more archaeological work to be done in Kurdistan, but the situation has not allowed for it.

And now Turkey will attempt to drown not only the ancient treasures of the region, but will also cover the mass graves of those they murdered during the Dirty War, under the waters of the Ilisu project.

Anonymous said...

I posted a similar comment at the Progressive Historicans' site but would like to bring up here as well...would the Kurds (I am assuming the PKK) allow archaeologists in to fully document the artifacts provenance? or conduct a survey of the area? The region is key to understanding of the ancient Mesopotamians and may shed more light on the pre-history of the Kurds?

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, I do not see anything from the Kurdish side (whether PKK or other) that would preclude the work of archaeologists in Kurdistan. In fact, I'm pretty certain that such work would be welcomed. The undiscovered history that remains buried in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan is one of the major complaints against the Ilisu Dam scam. This scam threatens not only Kurdish history and artifacts, but those of all the other cultures that have lived in the region.

The single BIGGEST problem is the Ankara regime. It is hostile to anything that might lend legitimacy to the Kurdish people (and all the others who've lived among Kurds). Additionally, the regime does not want outsiders to see the atrocities it is carrying out against the Kurdish people at the moment.

After all, if you have nosy foreign archaeologists and others around while you're committing genocide, it could be inconvenient.