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"On 13 February 2006 the Forensic Medical Institute released the results of DNA tests which confirmed that the remains were those of the missing 11 villagers. They had been buried in the place where they had been detained for days by the Bolu Commando Brigade before they disappeared never to be seen again."
~ Amnesty International

At least 13 Bolu Commandos (contra-guerrillas) were dispatched to the nether world today by the freedom fighters of the HPG. At this point it is not clear how many wounded contras there are, but let us hope that there are many of them and that they will soon join their comrades in hell.

Not bad for a day's work.

Lest anyone become teary-eyed over the untimely deaths of these monsters in the Bolu Commando Brigade, let's review a little history:

The Bolu Commando Brigade, for example, was reportedly responsible for numerous violations of the laws of war, including village destruction, indiscriminate fire, and "disappearances." Relatives of victims of several extrajudicial executions and "disappearances" in Diyarbakır province in 1993 named the Bolu Commando Brigade as the perpetrating unit. The European Court of Human Rights found Turkey guilty of violations of the right to life in two clusters of "disappearances" reportedly involving Bolu commandos. One case was the "disappearance" of eleven Kurdish inhabitants of the village of Alaca in Diyarbakır province in 1993 (Akdeniz and others v Turkey). The second was the "disappearance" of three men from the village of Cağlayan in 1993. Relatives said that soldiers from the Bolu Commando Brigade took the men away (Orhan v Turkey). None of the perpetrators of these incidents have been brought to justice.

Or, from a former Turkish soldier's account in Nadire Mater's book, Mehmedin Kitabı or the English version, Voices from the Front: Turkish Soldiers on the War with the Kurdish Guerrillas:

Five of us with leftist inclinations were labelled as terrorists. We were honest and people liked us. I never went into a skirmish, but before I went to the Orduevi, the Bolu commandos camped close to our unit and showed us videos of the operations they had participated in. In one of those videos, they asked a terrorist lad something like "Where are the others?" You can't hear it well because the helicopter is too loud. Anyway, they tell him that he will be set free if he tells the truth. I am summarising for you what I can remember. The child tells them things. The filming stops at that point. Then they throw him out of the helicopter. They kill him right there. That is what I witnessed. I saw transparent things in their hands and asked what they were. They were using them as key-chains. One of them said: These are ears, man. I asked: What ears? Apparently, they cut off the ears of the terrorists they kill and put them in Coca-Cola until the cartilage comes out. Then they use them as key-chains. I mean they, too, have lost it.

Okay, let me ask this again: Who are the real terrorists?

And there's something on how contra-guerrilla forces like the Bolu commandos were established in Turkey, from Serdar Çelik.

Whoever sheds a tear for these bastards deserves the same fate.

Military operations in the Şirnex (Şırnak) region remain at intense levels, as they have been since Abdullah Gül's recent visit to the military in The Southeast. Is that a coincidence? Most likely not. AKP and the Turkish military are in agreement over the genocide of the Kurdish people, an agreement that began to show itself during the Amed Serhildan in March 2006, when Erdoğan declared an open shooting season on Kurdish women and children. Gül's blessing for an increase in operations, including black operations, is, no doubt, an olive branch extended to the military, who opposed Gül's presidency.

I would also like to think that HPG's whacking of the contras is revenge for the contras massacre in Beytüşşebap. And that may not be so coincidental after all, since it was the contras (especially the Bolu Commando Brigade) who used to disappear people back in the 90's. Maybe they just finished reading Erdal Sarızeybek's book and liked the idea of dressing up like PKK.

Poetic justice.

There is some breaking news in Zaman about the extension of OHAL regions in The Southeast. Before the July elections, OHAL was declared in Şirnex (Şırnak), Sêrt (Siirt), and Culemêrg (Hakkari). It was recently extended until December, and now it's being extended to include an additional twenty-seven OHAL zones.

Now, there is something else to ask oneself: Was the Beytüşşebap massacre carried out by the Ankara regime to help justify the extension of the OHAL? Inquiring minds want to know.

I will definitely post more info on this when it becomes available.

To the hevals: Bijin û Serkeftin!


Xemgîn said...

Her bijî heval Mizgîn. I wonder what these Turks are expecting in carrying out their vicious tactics and brute force against the entire Kurdish nation. As long as even the so-called moderate Turk totally denies the legitimacy of Kurdish resistance, their should never be any halt.

I only wonder what's next. I read your interview and the optimism for Northern Kurdistan you had as oppose to the other parts. But I can't see it so much the same way. Turkey needs not only to remove that knife from our backs but to heal the wound they leave doing so, too. There just doesn't seem a foreseeable future where that will happen, especially when they fascist mentality and hate is embedded in the minds of the Turkish citizens from K through 12.

Turkish E.T. said...

you guys killed 13 soldiers today:

it's a lot of kids. stop playing the blame game. you don't make sense. There is no benefit of your arguments.

Mizgîn said...

Yes, Xemgîn, you have a point. It's not going to be easy. The entire system must change in order to remove the brainwashing.

But there is still a better chance in Turkey of this happening than in other countries that oppress Kurds because there are those Turks who have joined the fight and many Kurds are active there too, much more so than in other parts of Kurdistan.

And, let's be honest, there must be more Kurds in Diaspora who become involved with this question, especially with regard to countering the enforced silence of the discussion of the Kurdish situation in Turkey and with counter-educating to battle against the regime's propaganda.

Turkish ET, we know HPG killed 13 Bolu commandos on Sunday. Check my post for more info.

Bolu commandos are not "kids." Bolu commandos are not even human.

You can look for sympathy elsewhere.

Turkish E.T. said...

"Bolu commandos are not "kids." Bolu commandos are not even human."

how can you, supposedly an intellectual, say this about someone? and not expect them to think the same about you.

they were not commandos.

Average age of these guys was 22. they were doing mandatory military service. I'm not looking for symphaty.

I am aware you and majority of the Kurdish population is pro-kill. Armed conflict, fighting, power over power is what you want to see.

Defending the methods of the people who have murdered these kids is not a solution.

This is very much unlike most of the Turks that I know. Who still defend that the state pardoning the armed kurds is the only solution to this problem.

This is the difference of the kurdish and turkish population who are remotely a part of this issue. Drop the guns and understand that the time has come for table discussions in whatever you want.

Turkish E.T. said...

"...Then they use them as key-chains. I mean they, too, have lost it..."

I don't understand why you don't pity these people but rather hate them and treat them as if they were "born" this way rather transformed into it, in effect of the military and bullets firing over their heads every day by people who speak Turkish.

Clearly, you have become one of them. lost your faith in reason. Stripped of your humanity, taking your power from nothing but your hatred.

Mizgîn said...

I'm not an intellectual, ET.

Turkey has had its chance with a ceasefire and a proposal for a democratic solution. Turkey rejected the chance and continues to reject the chance.

We had both Ralston and Baser completely reject the ceasefire and the democratic solution last year so that they and Lockheed Martin could make a few bucks. I mean, really, the Americans screwed Turkey on those deals but Turkey was certainly willing to be screwed.

But since you're aware that I "and majority of the Kurdish population is pro-kill," then there's really nothing to discuss, is there?

You know, you'd be legitimate and your phony outrage might be, too, if you ever acknowledged the shit your regime has done to the Kurdish people. But there's not a shred of outrage from you over your regime's illegal use of cluster munitions against civilians in South Kurdistan, nor about Kurdish infants murdered by your terrorist TSK, nor about the extreme level of poverty your regime has forced on The Region for almost a century.

But your comments indicate that you are the very same kind of racist that you pretend to despise.

Oh, yeah, and they were Bolus. Your media isn't telling you that because your media knows that no one gives a fat rat's ass what happens to a filthy Bolu.

Turkish E.T. said...

"...if you ever acknowledged..."

I acknowledge what I know.

-cluster munitions
not a proven fact. there are lots of games being played. if true, than wrong.

-Kurdish infants
I am sorry for these. It is a crime to kill infants.

-terrorist TSK
-TSK is not a terrorist. It is a MANDATORY service for every Turk. This is the main difference between kurdish Terrorists and the Turkish Army. Kurds have a choice to not pick up a rifle. Those kids killed DID NOT CHOOSE to go to fight.

-poverty your regime has forced on The Region
Nonsense. That -region- you are talking about is TURKEY. What about GAP? What about efforts to boost tourism? I studied in a town 100km's far from istanbul. In the earthquake in 1999 the entire universities buildings were cracked we had to study in what were literally -barracks- for 2 years. Poverty is Turkey. You know that imposing poverty on the region is actually not a logical solution. Politicians know this too. Had Turkey gained economic stability ever I dont think there would be a Kurdish or Kurdish seperation problem. Everyone knows this.

Mizgîn said...

You acknowledge nothing and you know nothing, Turk.

You are proof that there is no purpose in any kind of dialog. Only weapons work.

Anonymous said...

You seriously need a life. Or at least a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Keep taking these Turks on Mizgin.

Turkish E.T. said...

"You acknowledge nothing and you know nothing, Turk."

Bullets don't teach much. They are a bad medium for education.

they do nothing, fight nothing but provoke the powers that need not be provoked. but maybe this is what you want so you can get all the "bad bad Turks done us bad" satisfaction you need. childish.

Keep on firing them and hopefully you will learn that bullets teach more bullets.

Ever since the beginning, regardless of what I know or not know about history, I say peace.

You scream hatred. Without any solutions, and suggestions, and analytical reasonings, purely political tabloid hatred.

Anonymous said...

Turkish E.T,

give that little speech about bullets to your own government. It is currently seeking to invade one of its neighbors. No its not an invasion? bla bla bla hot pursuit intervention, what ever you call it will destroy many Kurdish towns so its an invasion. So, to sum up, give that little peace talk about bullets to your own government who always loves to "intervene" in other countries internal matters. I have never heard a Turkish politician talk of peace. Do that and they instantly lose votes.