Tuesday, October 23, 2007


There's a new Bakûrî Kurdish blog called Rastbêj and it looks like the author has posted an invitation to the TSK.

Let's hope Büyükanıt takes up the invitation.


Anonymous said...


Two questions: 1)What does "Bakuri" mean? [You called it a "Bakuri Kurd" blog]; 2) Where do you get the font that lets you use those Turkish characters when you post? [e.g., Buyukanit]

I agree that if the Turks come they will make absolute fools of themselves. But I think that we have enough countries (notably the USA, of course) making fools of themselves in Iraq. I want the Turks to come their senses and negotiate with the PKK. (I know: dream on.)

Anonymous said...

PJAK made front page of the NY Times newspaper today.



Mizgîn said...

Anonymous 1, in (K)Ubuntu Linux, go to system settings-->languages-->keyboard and you can choose tons of other keyboard setups. It will put a little toggle in the desktop toolbar so you can switch between the languages you choose.

In Windows . . . go to control panel-->regional/language-->languages-->details-->settings.
Choose your languages there and then you can click on language bar to put a toggle on your desktop toolbar.

For Kurdish letters, in Windows, you can use the Alt + number combinations.

Bakûr = North, so it means a Northern Kurd (from Turkey).

I would prefer negotiations too, but some people are hard-headed and they prefer to see their own blood flow.

Anonymous 2, thanks for the links. I saw this on news feeds. But I'm not impressed because this is an example of the world's biggest terrorist organization, the US government, yet again treating Kurds as pawns for their own agenda.

Let all those filthy buggers go to hell.

Anonymous said...

True Mizgin. But it was a good article especially because it highlighted U.S. double-standard foreign policy in the region when it says PKK are considered terrorists b/c they fight Turkey, while PJAK is tolerated by the U.S.

- Anonymous 2