Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The October War Count from HPG:

Number of Turkish army operations: 57
Number of Turkish-Iranian joint military operations: 1
Total operations: 58

Number of operations that made contact with HPG/YJA-STAR: 43

Number of enemy soldiers killed

Soldiers: 138
Officers: 6
Police: 3

Total enemy killed: 147

Number of POWs taken by HPG: 8

Number of enemy wounded: 86

Number of helicopters hit: 3

Military materiel confiscated

M-16s: 3
G-3s: 6
BKC 7.62 medium machine gun: 1
A-6 heavy weapon: 1
Heavy weapon bomb launcher: 1

Number of HPG gerîla şehîds: 6

In addition, a number of forest fires were started by the Turkish army in the areas of Dersim, Amed, Erzurum, and Botan.


Anonymous said...

I read another B.S. article in American media. They reported on the fighting in Dersim. At the end of the report, they talked about how after fighting the Kurdish rebels go back into Iraq...


I say all of the above...

How is a Kurdish rebel going to walk hundred upon hundreds of miles to Dersim from Iraq, pull off an effective fight, then walk all the way to Iraq in a matter of days???

Are these "journalists" writing science fiction novels or news reports? Did they pass their math classes? Did they even graduate or did they bribe their ways through college?

...drives me nuts

Miguel said...

On the other hand, there is an interesting article from Eric Margolis with this little tidbit :
"Pan-Turanism," the idea of spreading Turkish influence from its eastern border across the Turkic lands of Central Asia to the Great Wall of China remains dear to the hearts of many Turkish nationalists and far rightists. Iraq’s huge oil reserves are a big temptation Ankara cannot ignore. After all, if the US can invade Iraq for oil, why not neighboring, ex-owner Turkey?"

Could it be that Turkey's war has nothing to do with 'fighting terrorism' and everything to do with 'gaining access to oil'?

No, it couldn't be!

Mizgîn said...

Anonymous, the geography issue is something I've pointed out again and again. The fact is that Americans don't know where Turkey is, don't know where Iraq is, and certainly don't know where Dersim is. They want to be ignorant, they like to be ignorant, and their corporate masters don't want it any other way.

"Professional" journalists are not only stupid and biased, but they are also paid to act as dispensers of the "official" version of reality that the corporations want propagated, as enforced through those noble defenders of the corporate world, the US government.

In other words, all of this is done on purpose.

Miguel, I can't understand why you would insult Turkishness by implying that Turkey's fight against "terrorism" is not genuine or that Turkish purity of intention could be sullied by a greed for oil.

Next you'll be questioning the virginity and sobriety of Ataturk.

I am scandalized!