Wednesday, October 03, 2007


"Who staged this act and why should be investigated."
~ Akın Birdal, DTP parliamentarian.

Hevallo has been doing a great job keeping up with developments in the Beytüşşebap massacre, including a post on the contradictions in news reports and touching on the history of Turkey's longstanding policy of psychological warfare against the Kurdish people. He's also got a link at the bottom of this post to an article at Zaman, in which Akın Birdal demands an investigation into the massacre.

Akın Birdal, for those who don't remember, served as the head of Turkey's Human Rights Association (IHD) and suffered an assassination attempt carried out by the Turkish state's own assassins. Birdal is now serving as a DTP parliamentarian from Amed (Diyarbakır).

We can say that Akın Birdal is an expert when it comes to sensing the regime's dirty business. Thus his suspicions are heightened in the case of the Beytüşşebap massacre and he draws a comparison with the regime's bombing in Şemdinli. He also notes that there have been some strange goings-on in Beytüşşebap in the last few months and believes that these were not coincidental. From Zaman:

“Who staged this act and why should be investigated. We cannot simply get out of this by saying the PKK did it. The PKK has not claimed responsibility for the attack. Strange things have been going on in the district for a while. The villagers there have certain doubts. The DTP mayor as well as the head of the party’s regional branch was taken into custody. All aspects of the incident have to be investigated thoroughly,” he said. Birdal also called on the European Union to examine the case.

The Zaman piece then goes on to describe some of those strange events of the last few months, including the attempted assassination of Beytüşşebap's DTP mayor, Faik Dursun, whom Birdal says has been taken into custody by the regime.

Why was Faik Dursun and the DTP regional chairman taken into custody? Are they suspects in the crime? If not, why are they in custody?

Bianet has some reporting on the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the massacre. But, then, we all remember what happened with the parliamentary committee to investigate the Şemdinli bombing. We might very well say that the conclusion is already foregone.

However, what is interesting about the Bianet report is the inclusion of the questions DTP parliamentarian for Şırnak, Hasip Kaplan, has already directed at the Turkish Interior Ministry (which is responsible for security):

* Is there any evidence on which the official announcement is made? What is the evidence in the murders in Besagac village in the Beytüssebap district, the perpetrators of which are not known yet, on which officials have made announcements to the public?

* Seeing as the perpetrators of a similar attack in the Güclükonak district in 1994 were later found to be underground gangs, do officials not have to be more careful?

* Some people say that around 25 plain-clothes people were driving around in two white minibuses in the area and that they had flasks with them and were probably officials. Are the security forces investigating the area?

* Are the rumours true that two of the people shooting at our citizens at around 5 pm were masked?

* The area is difficult to access and also difficult to leave. After hearing of the event, what did security forces do?

* Considering the fact that the provinces of Hakkari, Sirnak and Siirt have been declared "security zones" and that around a hundred thousand soldiers are in the region, with tens of thousands of soldiers on operation in the area of the murders, why were there no security precautions which would have protected the road and the lives of our dead citizens?

* Are there plans to work on putting an end to putting our civilian citizen's security out to tender, to ending the village guard system, and to providing social rights and securities?

Obviously, those from The Region know better than to believe the propaganda produced for official consumption, domestically as well as internationally.

I guess, too, that's why DTP has become the target of the same creatures who did the Beytüşşebap massacre.


Anonymous said...

China - Talabani - Iraq deal

You predicted this one =)

Mizgîn said...

Watch the oil. That's where the long-term will come into play. See this.

Besides, this War on Terror, Inc. nonsense is a mask to cover the hard fact of the New Cold War. That's the reason behind the rhetoric on Iran and that's the reason for the new Africa Command.

It's all about China as the rising hegemon.