Wednesday, October 10, 2007


"The AKP agreed on using the military, from military side and AKP's political side to destroy the Kurdish nation. The AKP is an extremely ambitious political structure. To gain full power, they said ' yes' to destroy Kurdish nation. This will be revealed even more when the time comes."
~ Murat Karayılan.

Abdullah Gül is in deep denial. He refuses to admit that HPG whacked a pack of Bolu commandos:

Sunday’s attack by terrorists that left 13 Turkish soldiers dead was carried out by a splinter group of the terrorist organisation the PKK, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said late Tuesday.

The attack in Sirnak was a result of an individual group within the PKK, Gul said during a visit to the Constitutional Court.

“It was not a collective act but appears to be an individual incident within the organisation,” he said.

The attack by a splinter group suggested that the PKK was in the process of breaking up, Gul said.

I guess Gül's manhood is threatened by the fact that Kurdish gerîlas knocked off a team of monsters that are celebrated for their prowess at murdering civilians and destroying villages. Of course, the more that HPG carries out very successful operations like the Bolu whacking, the more recruitment will spike. Of course, we know that HPG did kill the Bolus, a fact that even American "anti-terror" sites are admitting:

The TMYK [Supreme Anti-Terrorism Board] meeting came two days after the PKK killed 15 Turkish soldiers within 24 hours on October 7-8. Thirteen of the fatalities came on the afternoon of October 7 when a large force of PKK militants ambushed an 18-man Turkish commando unit in the Garbar Mountains in Sirnak province, close to Turkey’s border with Iraq. Three other commandoes were wounded.

HPG posted an update yesterday. In addition, ever since Gül's visit to the Turkish military in The Southeast, intense operations have been carried out, particularly in Şirnex (Şırnak). How, then, do you have a "splinter group" appear in the middle of such operations?

More proof of Gül's being sucked into a vortex of denial were his comments on the US House Foreign Affairs Committee's recognition of the Armenian Genocide:

President Abdullah Gul said the decision was unacceptable and had no validity for Turkey, which has always denied any genocide took place.

[ . . . ]

"This unacceptable decision of the committee, like similar ones in the past, is not regarded by the Turkish people as valid or of any value," Mr Gul said, according to the Anatolian news agency.

If the recognition of the Armenian Genocide has "no validity for Turkey" or is not valid or "of any value," then why do the regime's lackeys foam at the mouth at the mention of it? Why does it go to extraordinary steps of bribing US lawmakers to keep the resolution out of Congress? Why begin massive propaganda campaigns against other countries that pass such resolutions?

Gül needs to get professional help.

The Ankara regime is beginning black operations in Kurdistan's capital, Amed (Diyarbakır). On Wednesday, someone threw a bomb into a tailor's shop in which some police had entered. One police was killed, two wounded, and six other people wounded. The attack occurred around seven in the evening in Sur Municipality on Gazi Street near the Yenikapı.

In the rush to get to the scene of the bombing, a police panzer ran over and crushed a 69-year-old woman.

The likely suspects here are members of TİT (Türk İntikam Tugayı). Last year on 12 September (the anniversary of the 1980 coup), TİT carried out a bombing in Amed which the media also tried to blame on the big, bad PKK. Unfortunately, the morons at TİT briefly posted how they did the blast, complete with photos of the bomb. As soon as Western news sources picked up this information from DozaMe and KurdishInfo, TİT's website was pulled off the Internet and the information denied by the regime.

We should expect to see more black operations conducted by the regime in its frenzy to discredit PKK and justify an intensification of its long-standing policy of genocide.


Uzay Kahraman said...

I learn a lot from your writing, and I hope you'll never quit. Thank you for putting this information together!

xelef said...

we lost Mehmed Uzun,

Mizgîn said...

Thanks, Uzay. Your education is the purpose of Rasti.

Yes, Xelef. It's very sad to have lost Mehmed Uzun. He was a national treasure.