Monday, October 29, 2007


The Saker has something up at his blog--Justin Raimondo's latest nonsense on the PKK. Here's my reply, posted also at VS's place:

Serial numbers of weapons allegedly "captured from PKK fighters" come from US weapons shipments? Really?? Does anyone, including Raimondo have any proof that the weapons in question were actually taken from "captured" PKK fighters? If this were so, why hasn't Turkey launched a huge photo-op of the facts? Why hasn't there been anything in the Turkish media? Because, believe me, it would have been all over the Turkish media if there were even a shred of truth to the accusation.

I have no doubt that the Ankara regime did get its hands on US weapons because it's very easy to purchase such weapons on the international weapons market and even on the black market in Iraq. What better place to gather those weapons than in Mûsil? How convenient that Turkey has a consulate in Mûsil. How convenient that the "diplomatic" staff of the Mûsil consulate can walk around Mûsil freely, with no one to hassle them. I mean, even residents of Mûsil can't do that without becoming targets.

Ignore the fact that Turkish consulates and embassies are fronts for MIT/JITEM activities, tell me how it is that Turkish "diplomats" can pull off such a feat as to walk around in safety in a place like Mûsil? Is it possible that MIT/JITEM "diplomats" are purchasing US weapons from places like that? Or what about offices of US-based Black Hawk Security, Inc., a Turkish mercenary company--like their brothers at Blackwater--that are based in Silopî, Zaxo, Kerkuk and Baghdad? This company is run by a former MIT under-secretary, the TSK general who was in charge of the special team in Kerkuk when it got bagged by US forces for attempting to conduct black operations in Iraq, and a couple of former Turkish "diplomats." Is it possible that these guys are running black ops and psyops for the regime, including the purchase of black market weapons?

Oh, you betcha.

If Murat Karayılan says (and he has) that weapons can be purchased anywhere by anyone in the region, then Turkish MIT and JITEM can do exactly the same thing--no matter what the American puppets in Ankara say.

The funny thing about Raimondo is that in reading his propaganda one would get the impression that PKK just popped out of thin air as a result of American involvement in Iraq in 2003. Like 99.99% of all Americans, Raimondo has no context. He knows nothing of the US role in the 12 September coup. He knows nothing of US gifts of billions of dollars worth of military hardware, most of it given to Turkey during the Clinton regime. Oh, yes, that hardware was GIFTS because it was all subsidized by the US taxpayer or given outright. Has Raimondo ever mentioned this fact? Has Raimondo ever mentioned who was on the receiving end of these very expensive GIFTS? Has Raimondo ever mentioned all the lovely events that took place in Diyarbakir Military Prison? Has Raimondo ever delved into the crimes committed by America's puppet regime in Ankara in the wake of the US-backed 12 September coup?

And the crimes continue.

No. You see, that's why Raimondo has no clue about what he's writing about. For him, it's a crime for the Kurdish people to fight back against the regimes that have engaged in gross human rights abuses for decades. Like Americans in general, it's irrelevant that tens of thousands of Kurds have been murdered since 12 September 1980 by the Ankara regime with the full support of the US. It's irrelevant for Americans that 3 to 4 million Kurds have been forcibly displaced from their homes or that 5,000 Kurdish villages have been destroyed by America's puppet regime in Ankara. It was irrelevant to Americans that Saddam destroyed 5,000 Kurdish villages in South Kurdistan--until plans for the invasion of Iraq began to solidify. Then Saddam's destruction of Kurdish life suddenly became a talking point.

When is the destruction of Kurdish life by America's regime in Ankara going to become a talking point for propagandists like Raimondo?

Or when will US backing of Turkish Islamists, especially the Turkish Islamist caliph, Fethullah Gülen going to get equal time by propagandists like Raimondo? Erdoğan, Gül, all the AKP, are followers of Fethullah Gülen . . . just as Turgut Özal was. You all remember him, right? Certainly Raimondo must remember him. He was the guy who established Turkish-Islamist synthesis with the American-backed Paşas, a move that led to the creation of Turkish Hezbollah so that America's puppet regime in Ankara could turn fight PKK on the cheap. Too bad it got so out of hand. Too bad the Ankara regime now has to export these guys to Chechnya.

Since we're talking about all this filth, let's bring Seymour Hersh into the conversation. Now here's a guy who goes to Turkey all the time, has a lot of Turkish sources, and gets all his information from them. So Hersh is basically the American mouthpiece of MIT/JITEM. Think I'm bullshitting? Go dig up anything that Hersh has ever written that's critical of the TC and give me the link. The guy's a pimp for the Turkish military. He's never heard of the filth America's puppet regime in Ankara has dumped on Kurds and continues to dump. He's never heard of the filth the mullah's regime has dumped on Kurds and continues to dump. In these respects, he's exactly like Raimondo.

Now, neither Hersh nor Raimondo has been to Qendil or around any PKK or PJAK guerrillas, but journalists from the Guardian have, and they have reported no American-made weapons in PJAK camps. This is consistent with the statement of Cemil Bayık last November. Nothing has changed.

It's ridiculous to think, as Hersh has asserted, that Israelis can teach any Kurd, particularly PKK Kurds, how to fight anyone. Go check Jonathan Randall, who writes that even in the 1960s, Israelis didn't have anything much to teach Kurds when it came to fighting Baghdad. They tweaked a little, but that was about it. Given the fact that PKK fought against Israelis as part of their initial training with the PLO in Lebanon, and given the fact that the Israelis were involved in Öcalan's betrayal, and you are unlikely to find any reason for PKK to come out of the mountains to be trained by amateurs. To suggest this idea, as Hersh has, and to propagate it, as Raimondo does, is an exercise in racism--"Golly, guys, those primitives in the mountains couldn't figure out anything if we didn't show them!"

Well, come on up into the mountains, Americans, with all your special friends from Turkey, and we'll see who teaches whom. Bring your body bags and cold-weather gear and watch out for those avalanches.

As for Raimondo's assertion of "separatism"--in his little dig about Greater Kurdistan--let's all have a reality check:

We would like as a movement to emphasize once again that the right solution is a democratic autonomy within the borders of Turkey. We believe that a solution in the unity of Turkey will be for the benefit of firstly the Kurdish people and all the people of the region.

Like Hersh, Raimondo has absolutely no concern for either truth or the Kurdish people. Like Hersh, he's the pawn of America's puppets in Ankara and that's why he's furthering his "War Party's agenda".


Anonymous said...

olsen writes something interesting about hersh in his article Turkey’s Policies Toward Kurdistan-Iraq and Iraq:
Nationalism, Capitalism, and State Formation:In the 8 June meeting, Bush and several of his top aides again made
it clear to Erdogan that Washington was still extremely unhappy with his
remarks that Israel’s assassination of Palestinian Hamas leader Ahmad Yasin
in March 2004 and the razing of some two hundred Palestinian houses in
Rafah, West Bank, in May 2004 were acts of state terrorism. It must have
been known to Bush, however, that Erdogan’s statements regarding Israel were
also influenced by Turkey’s unhappiness with the allegations, first made by
Seymour Hersh in a June 2004 issue of the New Yorker magazine, that Israeli
agents were operating in the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq and that their
activities, some directed against Iran, also served to strengthen Kurdish state
formation in Iraq.13 Ivan Eland subsequently confirmed that Israeli operatives
were training Kurdish forces in Kurdistan Iraq. According to Eland,
Kurdish forces “have been trained by the United States, South Africans, and
Israelis. Israel concluded that the United States had already lost the battle
against the Sunni insurgency as early as mid-2003 and hooked their wagon
to the Kurd forces to defend Kurdistan.”14 If American intelligence officers
knew about Israel’s training of Kurds, obviously Turkish intelligence knew
as well. Ankara’s hostility to Israel’s actions in Iraq was shown in that it was
rumored in the Turkish press that Turkish foreign minister Abdullah Gul was
one of the main sources for Hersh.15
the footnote on 15 is 15. Hurriyet, 23 June 2004. so check out that issue of hurriye thought it might interest you

Mizgîn said...

Yeah, Abdullah Gül is one of Hersh's main sources, thus proving my points about Hersh.

When the allegation of Israeli operatives first came out, I asked a couple of friends about the allegation. One is in the KRG. Another was working with pêşmerge. Both were in positions to know if Isreali operatives (code word for Israeli military) were training Kurds how to fight Arabs (hilarious!--Kurds should teach Isrealis how to fight Arabs). Both of my sources had not seen or heard of anything to substantiate the claim.

Later, it turned out that former Israeli military, with their own security businesses, were training pêşmerge on anti-terror tactics. Not something that I particularly like, since Kurds know exactly what "anti-terror" tactics consist of. The fact is that "anti-terror" tactics is a euphemism for STATE TERROR TACTICS.

Note that pêşmerge are not gerîlas, so Hersh's bullshit has nothing to do with PKK.

When Hersh writes about Turkey's policies of genocide against the Kurdish people, then he MAY gain some brief credibility. Until then, he's still a tool of the Turkish Islamists and Turkish fascists.