Tuesday, August 19, 2008


"Every nation has a characteristic and the characteristic of Islam is modesty."
~ attributed to The Prophet.

A friend reminded me of an observation that I had while in Turkey recently, and he sent me a link to photos to illustrate my point.

AKP girls are conspicuous by their uniforms. They wear large, garish scarves which appear to be tightly wrapped at the neck . . . thus cutting off blood flow to the brain, resulting in a lack of oxygen that renders one more compliant in matters of religion. The scarf is accessorized with an outer garment that resembles a raincoat; and that is the ensemble, the uniform, of the AKP girls.

Walking through Gülhane Park in Istanbul, and along the waterside in Kadıköy, I noticed that the AKP girls tended to favor the more hidden places in parks and along the docks, where they sat closely with males. Maybe these were husbands; maybe these were boyfriends. Maybe they were something else. Whatever the relationship with these males, the AKP girls were looking for privacy with them.

noticed the same thing and took some photos in a park in Ankara which illustrate my point:

If "modesty and faith are interlinked" so that "if either of them is lacking, the other is lacking too," I wonder where that leaves the AKP girls?


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