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"The struggle of peoples under colonial and alien domination and racist régimes for the implementation of their right to self-determination and independence is legitimate and in full accordance with the principles of international law."
~ UN Resolution 3103.

HRK's July war balance (HRK is the armed wing of PJAK):

13 special forces troops killed
31 pasdars (Revolutionary Guards) killed
7 village guards killed
51 security forces killed
6 security forces wounded

Two military garrisons were destroyed. The Iranian army initiated five operations. The guerrillas initiated eight operations in which ten military vehicles were destroyed, including one armored vehicle. The guerrillas confiscated the following items:

1 BKC machine gun with strap
1 Karnas rifle and three ammunition clips
5 Kalishnikovs
5 Kalishnikov ammunition clips and 700 rounds
30 training rounds

HRK reports that there were seven occasions of katyusha rocket attacks, and aerial bombardment. There were seven occasions of reconnaisance aircraft overflights of PJAK's area. On two occasions, Turkish army warplanes carried out aerial bombing, in which forest fires were started. HRK also captured an engineer involved in the construction of a military garrison, and then released him after questioning.

HRK had one şehîd in the month of July, Şaho Cıwanro (Celil Kerimi).

HPG also announced it's July war balance. The guerrillas and Turkish army had 81 contacts and the guerrillas initiated 74 operations resulting in 158 soldiers, five officers, and ten police killed, for a total body count of 168. Two officers, twenty police, and 156 soldiers were wounded in these clashes, for a total of 178.

July's clashes also resulted in the deaths of 23 guerrillas, with two guerrillas taken prisoner.

In addition, four armored vehicles, eight troop vehicles, two helicopters were destroyed, and four helicopters were downed.

In an operation on 1 August, HPG took revenge for the Besta operation of 24-25 July, which resulted in the deaths of HPG Military Council members Ferhat Dersim (Abdurrahman Nalioğlu), Nuda Karker (Nazan Bayram), and three other guerrilla şehîds. In the retaliation operation, HPG killed 17 members of a Turkish special operations unit, one of whom held the rank of major. In the operation, one guerrilla, Dılşad Sümbül (Yakup Çiftçi) died after suffering heavy wounds.

Two YJA-STAR guerrillas, Eylem Amed (Aynur Erdem) and Zilan Amed (Kader Çiftçi) also became şehîds on 31 July in the Ovacık region.

Nuda Karker (Nazan Bayram)

Ferhat Dersim (Abdurrahman Nalioğlu)

Dılşad Sümbül (Yakup Çiftçi)

Eylem Amed (Aynur Erdem)

Zilan Amed (Kader Çiftçi)

Şehîd Namirin!

There's more on the 1 August operation from the hevals at KurdishInfo:

Kurdish Info 05.08.2008-The special forces involved in the killings of HPG leaders Ferhat Dersim and Nuda Karker and three other guerrillas have been eliminated by guerrillas. The attack in Besta resulted in the death of the 17 man squad. HPG have cleared the news that the Turkish media announced as the deaths of 5 village guards.
According to the statement the supposed village guards were in fact all part of a special forces squad. The guerrillas had followed the special forces group which consisted of counter guerrila agents and surrounded them in the Melixan area of Farasin. the 17 man squad is completely eliminated by the guerrillas. According to HPG a lot of equipment belonging to the squad was seized.


11 automatic weapons and equipment, a thermal camera, day and night vision binoculars, two sattelite phones, many hand grenades and other equipment was seized by the guerillas. The martyred guerrilla Gullu Kalmaz's personal belongings were found with the dead soldiers. The guerrillas also take back the personal belongings of Gullu Kalmaz. In this attack Hakkari born Dilsad Sumbul lost his life. The HPG main headquarters released a statement warning village guards to not take part in the dirty games of the Turkish state.

URL here: http://www.kurdish-info.net/News-sid-The-specia-forces-that-were-involved-the-killings-of-the-HPG-leaders--11400.html

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