Saturday, August 23, 2008


"Gulen gave a new decree and a new kind of mobilization to assimilate Kurds and to steal their minds by injecting religious ideology and by causing them to sell their birthright."
~ Aland Mizell.

At the beginning of the month, I posted some news about the Ergenekon gang that had been published in Taraf. At the time, I mentioned that the nexus of the Ergenekon indictment could be found in a weirdo named Tuncay Güney:

It would appear, however, that the lies surrounding the issue of "The Antidote" stem from Tuncay Güney, a one-time, small-time journalist in whose possession the original Ergenekon documents were found in 2001. Güney has been linked to Fethullah Gülen and Gülen's Samanyolu TV. Güney claims to have brought the photos of Öcalan and Perinçek to MİT. He claims to have taken a bribe of $15,000 to PKK in order not to shut down Gülen's schools in Hewler, although how PKK would have had any control over anything in Hewler is a huge question. Perhaps the KDP took the bribe by introducing themselves as PKK members? Güney also claıms to have delivered money from Fethullah Gülen to ultra-fascist Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu so that he could establish the BBP.

Zaman has some additional weird tidbits about Güney:

"Meanwhile, in an interview with the Yeni Şafak daily, Tuncay Güney, a former journalist whose ties with various secret services, both domestic and international, have been documented, stated that Kurdish separatist terrorism would come to an end if the Ergenekon gang wanted that to happen. Güney, who now lives in Canada and works as a rabbi, has suspected ties to the group. Güney came to prominence when the first documents related to the Ergenekon gang were seized on his computer in a 2001 police raid.

"Güney, currently a rabbi at the Jacobs House Jewish Community Center in Toronto, praised Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz for having “done a great job” so far in the investigation, although he expressed doubts that the operation would be very successful in the end. “However, they are very close to the end and I think it is very difficult moving on further from this point. There is no power in Turkey that can stop Ergenekon,” he said, expressing doubts that the investigation will bring about the collapse of the crime group."

A check of YouTube reveals that Güney does, in fact, appear to be a member of an Orthodox Jewish community in Toronto, although he now denies any connection with Fethullah Gülen, as his appearance on Mehmet Ali Birand's 32. Gün indicates. If the first Ergenekon documents were found in Güney's possession, why has he not been indicted? Did he cut a deal and, if so, what kind of deal was it? Is his life now, in an Orthodox Jewish community in Toronto some kind of strange "witness protection" program?

Now, there's more from Güney on the connectıon between the Ergenekon gang, Fethullah Gülen, and Gülen's schools in South Kurdistan, from Milliyet:

Küçük knows Gülen for a long time

Güney, in his statement in 2001, claims that he and Mehmet Demircan, an important name in Fethullah Gülen's movement, spent intense efforts to gain Küçük into the movement and that the two [Gülen and Küçük] knew each other for a long time.

Tuncay Güney's statement in 2001, which he gave to Istanbul police, is one of the most fundamental pieces of evidence that Ergenekon prosecutor Zekeriya Öz, is working on. In this statement, Tuncay Güney gave a detailed explanation of Fethullah Gülen's movement. In the Ergenekon indictment's 442nd file, there are interesting claims that Güney made. Here, Güney claims that, since the 1970s, Fethullah Gülen knew retired Brigadier General Veli Küçük, who is under arrest in the Ergenekon case, from the right-wing National Struggle Movement (MMH). Güney explained that he learned that Küçük and Fethullah Gülen knew each other for a long time, while he and one of Gülen's prominent members, Mehmet Demircan, made efforts to gain Küçük to the movement.

"All of them are strugglers for nationalism"

When Tuncay Güney was detained in 2001 for by Istanbul police for fraud, he was working for Samanyolu TV, which is linked to the Fethullah Gülen movement. In the statement he gave to police while under interrogation, he pointed out that taking advantage of his position, he had the possibility to meet with important names in Fethullah Gülen's movement.

Within this framework, Güney mentions that he and Demircan tried to gain, the then active duty Veli Küçük, for the movement. "When we gain him, we will be more powerful in the eyes of Fethullah Gülen," Güney says.

Again, referring to Demircan, Tuncay Güney ascribed the information that Gülen knew Veli Küçük from the National Strugglers' Movement. "Look at all of Fethullah Gülen's members; they are all National Strugglers," he said.

Support for Gülen's schools

In his statement, Güney said that Veli Küçük helped Fethullah Gülen to open a school in Northern Iraq [South Kurdistan]. According to Güney's statement, they had stopped in Diyarbakır, where they were on the way to Erbil, in order to open private Irbil Light College. There (in Diyarbakır), they called Veli Küçük to let him know they were there, thus Jandarma Regional Commander Eşref Hatipoğlu met them. Hatipoğlu sent Güney and Gülen's members to Silopi in a military helicopter. From there, the group passed to Nehciban (there he means Neçirvan) and talked to Barzani and Talabani.

"Veli Küçük's teacher collared Erdoğan"

Güney also made a statement about field officer Necabettin Ergenekon's involvement with Gülen's movement. According to Güney, Necabettin Ergenekon was Küçük's teacher. According to Güney's claims, Necabettin Ergenekon had talks with R. Tayyip Erdoğan, then the Refah Partisi (RP) Istanbul chairman. In one of these talks, Ergenekon caught Erdoğan by the collar and shook him. According to Guney's statement, Erdoğan, in RP's Tepebaşı office, was having a discussion with Necabettin Ergenekon about pan-Islamism. Then Ergenekon became nervous and grabbed Erdoğan by the collar saying, "This is bullshit, Tayyip; there won't be pan-Islamism if there isn't Turkism."

Güney said that the person who introduced him to Veli Küçük, was Veli Küçük's teacher, Ergenekon. "The field officer in Izmit (Veli Küçük), is my student. I'll take you and introduce you to him" said Ergenekon according to Güney.

It was claimed that Küçük had named the Ergenekon organization after his teacher's last name.

He spied for Eymür about Gülen

In his statement, Güney said that when he was in Fethullah Gülen's movement, he was regularly informing MİT chairman Mehmet Eymür's staff. Güney said, "When I was working there, Mehmet Eymür's men would come and get information periodically . . . Besides this information, they were asking about the hot issues in the movement anyway."

In February, as war preparations against South Kurdistan were underway, Nêçîrvan Barzanî and the KRG gave the go-ahead for the foundation of a new Gülen university in Hewlêr.

There was no mention of anyone having given PKK a $15,000 bribe in connection with this Gülen enterprise, but that may be because any bribes would actually be given to the cehş of the KRG who are only too happy to contribute to the destruction of the Kurdish people for a price.


Turkish E.T. said...

Things get really confusing when a former Turkish journalist with ties to secret services pops up in Canada as a... rabbi.. making statements about stuff in Turkey...

and you blame the Turkish public for not knowing stuff. This is like The Godfather mixed with X-Files...

Osman Jashson said...

What is your oppinion about the relationship between Yalcin Kucuk and Abdullah Öcalan?

I think that we can see the ties between PKK and the turkish deep state.

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