Monday, August 04, 2008


"Be prepared for hysterics and even a fainting spell. Better have smelling salts handy and a nip of brandy. "
~ Sir Wilfrid, Witness for the Prosecution.

Here's something else the filthy Imperial Congress will surely flush:

More on the same theme from Scott Horton at this mp3.


Kawe said...

Bravo Vincent Bugliosi, bravo. I'm buying that book for sure.

Mizgîn said...

Kawe, you can find more on him and his proposal to try Bush for war crimes if you search "Vincent Bugliosi" on YouTube. He's a famous prosecutor who's never lost a case.

Although he's focusing on Bush, let's not forget that the entire Bush administration is tightly associated with lots of big corporations. For more on that The Mega-Lie Called the "War on Terror": A Masterpiece of Propaganda might interest you.

Kawe said...

Thanks, I'll do that.

hamo said...

If President Bush and his war administration don't get punished for the crimes that they have commited then I wonder what the future presidents would do in and outside of the USA?

Rodi Tekin said...

What a joke! Impeaching Bush?....huh

How is Clinton lately or Nixon?


Don't u people even think about fooling yourselves one bit!

All juliis and brutis and scipiis are closely tight and until they fight each other....

Mizgîn said...

If you had listened to the interview, RT, you would know this isn't about impeachment. It's about trying Bush and his administration for murder AFTER they all leave office.

Also, if you had listened to the interview, you would know that there is no fooling of anyone here.

At least there are still a few lawyers of conscience who are attempting to create support for murder trials for the murderers.