Thursday, August 21, 2008


"You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain. But you feel it. You felt it your entire life. That there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there. Like a splinter in your mind -- driving you mad."
~ Morpheus, The Matrix.

Uh-oh! They used the "F" word and they mean it!

Scott Horton interviews Greg Palast about oil, Iraq, Georgia, and the "F" word. MP3 here. Run time just over 24 minutes.

I love the cynicism there. It's so refreshing.

Much more on corruption, fascism, and cynicism, and why there's no point voting--especially for McCain here. Run time, again, just over 24 minutes.


koltuk said...

You should read this article from Kurdish globe (KDP magazine) and respond to it:

The PKK is a Trojan horse in Turkey, used initially to fragment the Kurdish national movement during the 1980s and later to destabilize Iraqi Kurdistan from the 1990s to the present.

hamo said...

'You should read this article from Kurdish globe (KDP magazine) and respond to it:'

Why would or should anyone here, respond to some ones opinion about the PKK? As we critics the other Kurdish parties in Kurdistan, I guess others should have every right to critics PKK as they please. I don't think these kind of false rumors or backstabbing would damage the PKK's image or the credibility amongst the Kurdish people. Remember few years back there were around thousand deserters in the party whom sold themselves to USA and the Jash Barzani for gaining a few dollars and a cup of soup. In the end, PKK got stronger than ever.

Trust me as long as Kurds in the South have leaders like jash Bastard Barzanis and Taliban then PKK should have no worries at all. These bastards may win a few battles against the Kurds but war will never end.

Anonymous said...

Mizgin makes very harsh criticisms but backs it up with some good analyses that are difficult for anyone to dismiss no matter what side of the party line they happen to stand on.

But Hamo, all you do is complain. I would have thought with all the time you spend on the Rasti website, you would have learned a thing or two from Mizgin... but apparently not... you should try to learn something and put your time to better use.

As far as the Kurdish Globe, they have also published articles in favor of PKK on more than one occasion so I wouldn't be so quick to point all blame to the KDP. The Globe has a lot of very competent and open-minded writers as well on both sides of the analysis. I disagree with that article you posted about PKK being a Trojan horse, but a difference of opinion is a healthy thing I would say...

Anonymous said...

"The PKK is a Trojan horse in Turkey, used initially to fragment the Kurdish national movement during the 1980s and later to destabilize Iraqi Kurdistan from the 1990s to the present."

I find it difficult that a Kurdish newspaper would allow such rubbish to be allowed for publication and that Kurds (such as the original poster) would even give its validity any sort of consideration.

Fragmenting the Kurdish national movement??? What "national" movement are they talking about? Is the person making this claim actually serious that the KDP -- in the 80s -- was interested in, and would have protected the interests of the Kurds of Turkey had the PKK not emerged??? Did the KDP ever ask for anything more than federalism in Iraq??? Why, the KDP could not represent the interests of the Southern Kurds let alone lead a truly Kurdish nationalist movement. Blame the PUK for fragmenting the nationalist movement. Not the PKK. (Although I'm sure the writer must have written a similar article on how Talabani was a Turkish agent).

Some people blame the PKK for eliminating other Kurdish "movements" when it first "emerged" but can ANYONE actually argue that having more Kurdish political parties in Turkey would have done us good? I don't have to look any further than the KDP-PUK chasm in Southern Kurdistan to say that one political party for each region is good enough, thank you very much.

AS for the claim that PKK was destablizing Southern Kurdistan in the 90s??? Hello?! what about the PUK-KDP civil war??? THAT wasn't destabilizing?? What a cheap, underhanded argument.

Kurds have to learn to support other Kurds and not kick them at every opportunity. Yes, Turkey is using PKK's existence and refuge in the Kurdish mountains as an excuse to destabilize Southern Kurdistan. But, the PKK has a right to survive just as much as the KDP and the PUK and the latter cannot ask the PKK to sacrifice a thirty year struggle by giving up the armed struggle for NOTHING. The most honorable solution the KDP and PUK can ask for, and luckily what they have asked for so far, is that Turkey solve its own problem through more democracyt . Losers, like the person who wrote that article, should stop sowing the seeds of BRAKUJI and the reasonable citizens of Kurdistan should call them out for the miserable wretches that they are.