Monday, August 25, 2008


"I'd say what she has is far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers."
~ Daniel Ellsberg.

Wow! Here's something I almost forgot--an interview with Luke Ryland and Joe Lauria about the Sibel Edmonds case on the Peter B. Collins Show. You can find it on this page, dated Friday, 22 August 2008, or go here to listen (Give it a few seconds to start). I don't know the exact run time, but it's not over an hour. You should listen anyway, so it doesn't really matter how long it is.

Joe Lauria has been working on Sibel's case for the London Sunday Times, which started running his pieces in January. A second article ran in the times later in January, which discussed the FBI's cover-up of the joint Turkish-Israeli nuclear weapons blackmarketing network in the US. A third Sunday Times article focused on the links between the Plame Affair and Brewster Jennings--also involved with the investigation of illicit sales of American nuclear weapons secrets.

Lauria discusses the FBI's complaint to the Sunday Times, something that Luke mentioned in an article last week.

Both Luke and Lauria discuss the American media's reluctance to report on Turkish crimes, such as its heavy involvement in narcotics trafficking and nuclear black-marketing. Is the US media being strong-armed by the FBI, as it attempted to do with the Sunday Times, or is someone else behind the enforcement of a code of silence over Turkey's involvement in these kinds of shady businesses?

Luke brings up Lauria's contention that the American media never looks at the American system as rotten, and points out that Americans easily believe that politicians in other countries are corrupt.

Later in the interview, there's a discussion of the lack of effort on the part of congressmen like Grassley and Waxman--as well as Leahy--to fulfill their promises to hold hearings into Sibel's case. In this case, we might ask who is strong-arming these congressmen? The FBI or someone else? Who might that someone else be?

Peter B. Collins notes that there has been no US objection to Turkish military operations in South Kurdistan but, of course, the US, along with Israel, has been providing Turkey with intelligence in those operations and permitted Turkish aircraft to enter Iraqi airspace to conduct bombing operations.

Apparently, former US Senator Mike Gravel suggested that Turkish involvement with the passing of American nuclear secrets to Pakistan was a way for Turkey to get The Bomb for itself.

Another subject touched on in the interview is that of the neocons' active involvement in military sales to Turkey and Israel, like Richard Perle, is because the neocons "have their hand in the till."

Go listen; it's easier than reading.

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