Monday, April 20, 2009




Police started a large scaled operation against our party DTP in 13 provinces on 14th of April 2009. More than 300 members, executives and activists including three vice presidents of our party were detained. A TV station and the centre of The Union of South-East Municipalities were also targeted by the police. The operation is still going on, and we do not know when it will stop.

Everybody agrees that we got a clear victory at last local elections on 29 of March 2009. Despite many violations, oppressions and tricks, we almost doubled the number of our municipalities (from 56 to 98); we were the first party in 10 provinces in the east and south-east of Turkey. We could win many more provinces if there were democratic and fair elections.

After these results, many people in Turkey started to discuss the Kurdish Question and they wanted the government to launch a dialogue with the DTP for a peaceful solution. When Mr. Obama had a visit to Turkey, he had a meeting with the leader of our party Mr. Ahmet Turk, and he said that there should be a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question in Turkey.

On the other hand, we heard very dangerous statements from state officials after our success at the elections. Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan said that those results showed that the policies based on offering services and economic opportunities have not been successful, but the policies based on ethnicity have made votes! Vice Prime Minister Cemil Çiçek said, in one of his statements, “DTP has extended its success to the borders of Armenia, which is a big threat to our national security. The state should asses these results and should take necessary precautions!” The Chief of the General Staff stated that they are assessing the results of the local elections, and especially the results in South-east are matter of concern!

When we look at these statements, we can easily say that this operation is a political operation, and it is a blow to our democratic and peaceful struggle. It will not only be a blow to our struggle, but it will be a blow to democracy, human rights and freedom of organization in Turkey. It will not serve in any way to the Turkish accession process to the EU. We fear that this oppression on our party will damage the belief of democratic struggle among our people and aggravate more the unstable situation in Turkey.

As a democratic party in Turkey we kindly ask you to have declaration against this dangerous, anti-democratic attack on our party and other democratic institutions.

Best regards,Fayik YAGIZAY

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Anonymous said...

Wow .. I never thought i would here this much whining over terrorist arrest from the EU. Im pretty sure that arresting DTP politicans on higher levels would been a priority if the operation where specified on DTP. OHH well, I guess Comrad Propaganda chief done a good job ;)

Anonymous said...

Anon, nobody likes it when a terrorist state arrests politicians.

Anonymous said...


Then its up to the politicians to stay away from terrorists, dont you think? Common sense..

Anonymous said...


Difficult to do that in the prisons of a terrorist state. DUH!! So the common sense is to change the damn thing, don't you think?