Monday, April 13, 2009


"In politics, an organized minority is a political majority."
~ Jesse Jackson.

Rojin has left TRT6. From Hürriyet:

Kurdish singer Rojin has resigned as host of her program broadcast on the recently launched Kurdish-language television station TRT-6, saying she was "treated as a potential criminal," daily Radikal reported yesterday on its Web site.

"The reason of my resignation is not economic, [nor due to] threats toward me or my caprice; this is a decision I made with my free will," Rojin said.

[ . . . ]

"Imagine a program where the host does not know who is invited and cannot decide on her own guests," she said, adding that many of her statements during the program were censored. "The program is treated as a potential crime and the host as a potential criminal," she said.

See also Turkish Hürriyet.

In the Radikal piece, Rojin calls TRT management "oppressive" and says that she was treated like a "potential criminal" and her program a potential "crime". Rojin says, regarding her program on TRT 6, "I came, I saw, I left". Apparently, tensions developed especially during the last 4 to 5 programs.

For all the jackass know-nothings out there, make sure you check all the articles, particularly the Radikal article and see that PKK was not named once as a reason for Rojin's kicking the dust of TRT 6 off her feet. And for all those who claimed, at TRT 6's beginning, that the big, bad apocular were threatening anyone who dared to go on TRT 6, now you can see how wrong you were. There was never any need for threats because everyone knew the Turkish state would screw up sooner or later. It has always screwed up, it continues to screw up and, unless there is a radical change within the regime and society, it will continue to screw up.

Besides, all of us know that TRT 6 was merely a campaign tactic. Since DTP was so successful in the local elections in March, there's no more need for the very expensive AKP campaign tactic known as TRT 6.

Güle güle! Sayonara! Auf Wiedersehen! Au revoir! Adios! Ciao!

In the meantime, if you're interested in supporting the TV channel that has Kurdish interests at heart, you can register your support for Roj TV here.

For the record, let me add that information about the recent Turkish state brutality in Ağrı and Amara has made it's way to Cryptome.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean Rojin is off the black list and she's no longer considered a Cultural Village Guard? I hope so, she'll always be "heja" for me :)


Mizgîn said...

Maybe you can quote me, exactly where I said those things and then I'll have some idea what you're talking about.

hamo said...

In the eyes of the many Kurdish people she will always stay in the black list because what she attemted to do! I don't think she has any extra ordinary singing talent as Sivan Perwer to stay in the hearts and minds of the Kurdish people after this terrible betreyal. I don't think she would sell her CDs or called for the festivals like before.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the people have spoken. See, Mizgin, Rojin is considered a traitor for her "terrible betrayal". I guess we must continue to turn down Rojin's music among good company :P

I agree with you, Mizgin, that we should leave it to the Turkish state to threaten people. The Turkish state shows its true colors to those who care to see.

The lines between the Kurds are clearly demarcated. There is no need to build walls and further alienate one another. Threatening or ostracizing other Kurds in my opinion weakens all Kurds, PKK included. If this is a civil rights movement, we can only gain adherents by showing the legitimacy of our cause.


Anonymous said...


Why no "Oxir be!" or "Bi Xatirê te!" to TRT 6???


hamo said...

Dear nistiman,

If you really like woman shaking their hibs then I don't think you are just restricted to Rojin and even if you have to watch her then I don't think anyone would question your mentality or blief.

You have a such a mentality that it seem to me that you are only happy when your masters (Turks) decide to feed you otherwise you have a pesimistic approach to everything that Kurds does.

Kurds do not need to beg Turkish state for TVs as you are aware that we have at least more then a dosen of TV stations and other media outlets.

If you have a guerilla who is willingly cross the border to Turkey army and start working for them then I don't think you would think anything good about it. Remember Sivan Perwer did not cross the turkish territory but insulted Kurdish freedom fighters by using bad mouth but still he was black listed by the Kurdish people all around the world and still many Kurd would hesitate to even listen to him even after several appoligies from him.

Weather you like it or not for many Kurds except the jashes and the village guards Rojin and Nilufer Akbal are both lost people. LOST FOR GOOD!

You can not change sides while your people fighting to their deaths for freedom just because others paid you little more.

Anonymous said...

Hamo, you only speak in absolutes and your attempt to apply decent principles without recognizing any room for gray area makes you lose any coherence in your arguments.

Rojin appearing on TRT6 is NOT like a former guerrilla ratting on his/her comrades.

Kurds who are well intentioned can disagree and if you'd like to make a traitor out of everyone who doesn't agree with you then be my guest but you wouldn't be helping the Kurdish cause.

Thank you for the free psychoanalysis but everything else you said is irrelevant and absurd.


Anonymous said...

By the way, I find it insulting that unless a woman wears army fatigues and walks, talks and moves like a man she can't be taken seriously by Kurdish men folk and it is assumed that if she "swings her hips" it makes her a lesser human being. Get over yourselves.


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