Tuesday, April 14, 2009


"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."
~ Thomas Jefferson.

DTP has issued a statement on the arrests today in Turkey, via our comrades at KurdishInfo (http://www.kurdish-info.net/News-sid-DEMOCRATIC-SOCIETY-PARTY-TO-PUBLIC-OPINION-12953.html):

Democratic Society Party's (DTP) central executive committee members and provincial administrators have been arrested by concurrent police swoops. This ominous situation has been realized while discussing process about the peaceful solution of Kurdish Question. So far, nearly 80 people have taken into custody and three of them are vice co-chairs of DTP. Our arrested members were exposed to violence by Turkish security forces. There is not any healthy information about our members' situation still. We are carrying deep worries through unlimited pressure on our party. Turkish government knows that wave of arrest on Kurdish politicians is going to create an aggression period in Turkey.

After the local elections, DTP has proven own legality and effects on Kurdish People and Turkey's political arena. Therefore, Turkish government planned to isolate DTP members for blocking communication with the people. Turkish law system still allows blaming politicians by a speech. For this reason, peaceful solution opportunities about Kurdish Issue are almost eliminated. Every political action which includes political demands and peaceful region has been accepted as “supporting terrorism” by the Turkish law system. Currently, thousands of DTP members and supporters are under arrest and convicted due to “supporting terrorism”. This is a political chaos.

Turkish Government's aggressive manner is the source of “Turkish nationalist mentality”. Regrettably, European Governments' supports on Turkish Government revealed one-sided political behaviors. So, Turkish Government has not feel any need of dialogue with DTP. Hence, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan tried to restrict of political ways to solution of Kurdish Issue. The clearest examples such as tricks on electoral lists have been spotted in the Kurdish regions.

We especially like to explain that DTP aims to provide an honorable peace process. We believe that violence can be ended by dialogue ambiance. But Turkish Government wants to solve Kurdish issue without the Kurds. So, we believe that European Union has important responsibilities about Kurdish Issue on instability in Turkey. European Union has not abided by own basic principles. We demand that The Union must determine own attitudes about the Turkey's Kurdish Issue.

We hope that European Governments should take incumbent responsibilities for supporting peaceful solutions in Turkey.

Respectfully announced to public opinion
DTP 14.04.2009

A list of those arrested can be found at Fırat News (http://www.firatnews.com/index.php?rupel=nuce&nuceID=6120) under the heading "GÖZALTINA ALINANLAR". Among the arrested are Gün TV's general broadcast manager Ahmet Birsin, former DEHAP general chairman Mehmet Abasoğlu, Yüksekova city council member Zübeyde Çoğaç, Kızıltepe deputy mayor Senanik Öner, DTP general center manager Kudbettin Kurt, and DTP parliamentary party members Selma Irmak and Erdal Güler. There are indications that other DTP politicians have been picked up in other parts of Turkey so let's not consider Fırat's list complete yet. Turkish media claims only some 50 people have been arrested.

Apparently Gün TV has been shut down for at least a month, which is odd because it's news is not live. However, this would be consistent with the regime's policy of Kurdish being legal for use by the state and not by Kurds. Azadiya Welat has also been shut down.

Ahmet Türk speaks, again from the comrades at KurdishInfo (http://www.kurdish-info.net/News-sid-Ahmet-Turk-Operation-triggered-by-PMund-8217-s-statement-12943.html):

“This operation is outlawed, anti-democratic and hostile act since we are the fourth party according to the election consequences. We have condemned the government and asked all democratic organizations, associations, opposite powers and NGOs to focus this very case.”

Referring two casualties during the police attack on Amara marchers and government speaker Cemil Çiçek’s saying “DTP is pounding at the border of Armenia” he said; those are show the approach of AKP and AKP administration about Kurds and Kurdish issue. Government didn’t let it go at that and added new suppression and attack pounces. All of those are part of the plan which tries to keep us out of the democratic policy. We are not going to compromise our democratic principles by courage and determination no matter what the cost we have to pay.

Türk evaluated Turkey’s economic and social conditions rest of his speech in which there was a call for unity, solidarity, peace, democracy and dialog reminding tense oppressions performed by security forces as a part of total plan after election on Kurds and Kurdish institutions, parties, newspapers, associations etc.

"Lately 2 marchers had been killed. Kurdish news paper daily Azadiya Welat has been closed down. We have said Kurdish is legal for government but Kurds. This saying has been proved by last act which showed that AKP has two faces. Where is your Kurdish opening out? Was it until election? Are you going to gain Kurds with that? It works for nothing but fool yourself. People are going to protect their own news paper even though your censorship or act to close it down since language is the honor for nation.”

Emine Ayna weighs in (http://www.kurdish-info.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=12941):

Emine Ayna co-chair of DTP has held a press release to evaluate last operations on DTP. She stated that there is not enough information about spontaneous operations directed by Diyarbakır Chief Prosecutor of the Republic against DTP’s branches neither about what these operations’ reasons.

In addition she said that; mentioned operation’s reason just for make DTP out of the political environment since there is no legal reason for this operation. DTP’s success during the pass local election is considerable and over the limit of government tolerance. We believe they are trying to prevent DTP from political race which is very dangerous process. No one can take the responsibility of these operations which are needed serious evaluation about its consequences. Current operations can succeed nothing but pushing people to use anti-democratic methods.

Ayna also emphasized that doesn’t matter what kind of suppression government implements on DTP, they are going to keep pointing out all mistakes along Turkish Republic’s 80 years policy against Kurds. Active persons, politicians from DTP during the local election process have been taken into custody which we found that is very significant point explains government goals for these operations.

The socialist Turkish party ÖDP claims that the police operation was a "lynching campaign" against DTP and demands the immediate release of the arrested persons. The socialist Turkish organization ESP has also protested the operation.

Selahattin Demirtaş was quoted by Reuters:

Selahattin Demirtas, deputy chair of the DTP parliamentary group, said the arrests were a politically motivated reaction to the DTP's success in the local elections.

"This is an illegal operation against the DTP and an attempt to manipulate the DTP's political support and break its will," Demirtas told Reuters in a telephone interview. "It's no coincidence the operation comes so soon after the election."

I have a lot of articles about this situation bookmarked and will be going over them in detail in the next day or so and will post more on the Ankara regime's campaign against DTP. A quick look at HaberTürk's live broadcast had a little something about this operation squeezed in between Başbuğ's hot air fest, yet more Ergenekon bullshit, and the murder of Engin Çeber by Turkish police. To it's credit, HaberTürk did manage to air some quality time on the Obama's new dog.


Anonymous said...

It didn't take long for Erdogan to unleash his wrath against the Kurds and exact revenge. Now he wants his pound of flesh. Literally.

Things are unraveling and it is all for the better...


Anonymous said...

With a single glance at the underside of my tongue the teacher would control if I had spoken the forbidden language at home. When I was a child I still spoke my native tongue“ H.K., Diyarbakir

To stick out your tongue is more than a universal sign of disobedience.
The Errorist project is centred on the search for failures. Its art project „qwx - show ur lingua“ aims to counter the politics which homogenise the subjectivity of people living within the boundaries of Turkey, people who have a variety of ethnic and cultural identities. By prompting people to upload images of their tongues sticking out „qwx - show ur lingua“ aims to create a space of resistance http://www.qwx2009.org/

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all by the way AKP and its thugs have acted. The pashas reminded the terms of the deal they made with AKP since everyone of them has been losing sleep over the election results. Turks will persecute Kurds, Europe will say Turks are not yet mature enough for the Union, US will sell more weapons and again everyone will be happy at the expense of Kurds. Edî Besê (it's enough), dammit!


HAMO said...

Turkey's AKP and the army can not handle the PKK's recent ciease-fire. Everytime the freedom fighters silence their weapons to give a little chance for peace these cowards go mad and attack everything Kurdish even the legal political parties.


Mizgîn said...

Nistiman, there has been some weird stuff going on with Gulen ever since that BBP guy, Yazicioglu, went down in the helicopter right before the elections.

Gulen said something about the fact that we all have to understand the "anger" of the Alperen after the accident. So he's basically giving his blessing to the Alperen for whatever they want to do.

There's a little backgrounder here for those who are unaware of these vicious beasts, but let no one be fooled by the hand-wringing over the future of the Alperen or BBP. These vermin always survive.

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