Saturday, April 04, 2009


"Today, the democratization of politics is one of the most urgent challenges. However, democratic politics need democratic parties. As long as there are no parties and party-affiliated institutions committed to the interests of the society instead of fulfilling state orders, a democratization of politics will be hardly possible."
~ Abdullah Öcalan.

Today is the birthday of the Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Öcalan, and people gathered at his hometown to celebrate. As usual, however, the jandarma got involved in something else that wasn't any of their business. Of course, they most likely did so out of fear. From Özgür Gündem:

The number who lost their lives in Amara increased to two

The number of dead increased to two due to the jandarma attack at the celebration of the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan's birthplace Halfeti's Amara village.

Citizens from all over Turkey, who came to Amara to celebrate Öcalan's sixtieth birthday, were stopped by soldiers. More than sixty people were wounded by the [jandarma] intervention with nightsticks, wooden boards, gaz bombs, and plastic bullets. Mustafa Dağ (27) lost his life at Birecik state hospital, where he was taken, due to a gas bomb hitting him in the head and crushing his skull. Mahsum Karaoğlan (21), who was wounded during the intervention and was taken to Birecik state hospital, lost his life as well. The wounded citizens were taken for treatment to Urfa and Birecik state hospitals. Intensive precautions were taken around Urfa and Birecik state hospitals, where the citizens who lost their lives were taken.

Meanwhile after the [jandarma] intervention, 15 thousand people returned by vehicle, whereas some others flocked to the hospitals where the wounded were taken.

Meanwhile, there's something more on the uprising in Agirî (Ağrı) at MidEast Youth, with video. There are three videos of AKP police brutality for at least one intervention:

Remember how the AKP's police beat women in Wan last Newroz?

It would be a good idea to spread these videos as widely as possible to illustrate to the ignorant just exactly what the AKP's Kurdish Policy is, and what a great example of democracy Turkey is. In Colemêrg (Hakkâri) last Newroz , widespread internet dissemination of AKP police breaking a Kurdish boy's arm was the only way that the state was forced to release Cuneyt Ertuş.

During the 1990's, Kurdistan didn't have a global voice. Now it does. It's called the Internet. Use it.


hamo said...

Trust me welat the discarded 3000 vote is the what this backward fascist state's dirty plays showen in the public eye. If the fascist turkish state do not have their brutal police and bloody army posts in Kurdistan then never mind the single vote but even seing the turkish flag in Kurdistan would be a miracle.

I have seen it with my own eyes in this election the power and determination of the Kurdish people for complete freedom from the brutal terrorist state of Turkey in all over the Kurdistan.

Mizgîn said...

Thank you for your understanding, Welat. I know that KM has published some questionable items that have damaged its reputation and I figured that, since you brought the matter up, an explanation should be offered.

How are you, Hamo? I hope you're doing well. Yes, all of these kinds of things should be pushed into the public's eye as far as we can do so.

Never give up.

thomas said...

The author of the news item that you and Welat referred to sent around a news flash email to his contacts with the headline that Kurd Media used. Apparently they received his email, though you did not. So quick to accuse, are we?

Mizgîn said...

Sorry, Thomas. The author sent me a personal email with a link to the article and his subject line was nothing like the KM headline.

Welat, perhaps, did not get an email at all and may have only seen the headline by browsing KM.

So quick to accuse, are we?