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"On April 24, 1915, the decision of mass genocide and annihilation of the Assyrian-Syrian and the Armenian peoples was taken by the Ottoman Empire. The blueprints of and the logistics for this genocide being prepared ahead of time, they employed Hamidiye Alaylari from Kurdish tribes (Similar to the present day Village Guards system who kill our people) to commit history’s, until then unknown, Genocide. In this Genocide, millions of Armenians and Assyrian-Syrians were killed, and millions others were deported from their homes and land and scattered to the four corners of the world."
~ Zübeyir Aydar.

Discovering truth:

ISTANBUL, Turkey (CNN) -- Fethiye Cetin was 25 years old when she discovered her beloved grandmother's secret.

The little old lady in the white headscarf was Armenian. Her real name was not Seher, but Heranus Gadarian.

Cetin says at the age of nine, a Turkish gendarme captain ripped Heranus from the arms of her mother while they were on a brutal death march into the desert. A Turkish couple later adopted the Armenian girl, and gave her a Muslim name.

When Cetin first learned about her grandmother's Armenian origins, she was shocked.

"I felt deceived," she says. "I felt like going out into the street and screaming 'they are lying to us.'"



Anonymous said...

Virabyan [Armenian State Archives Director] said Turkey and Armenia did not need the mediation of Western countries to establish their own dialogue. "My roots are in Van [in eastern Turkey]. The antagonism between us needs to end and the new generations should be free of it. Genocide happened but it is time for Turks and Armenians to produce solutions." He also said Kurds had played a part in 1915, saying, "Kurds are now paying the price for what they did to Armenians. Most Armenians who died in 1915 died at the hands of Kurds."

It is uplifting to hear how Kurdish repentance and acceptance for their role in the Genocide is being evaluated by prominent Armenians. I've sensed the deep seated hatred against Kurds for some time, perhaps which is why no one remembers the massacre of thousands of Kurds in Red Kurdistan by the Armenian state.

I don't think anyone learns from history. They only learn the techniques whereby they can become the victors and oppressors.

Never again! is merely the prelude.

For how well Armenians have treated the Kurds:


Mizgîn said...

The history of Red Kurdistan is very interesting and, unfortunately, not well known. But it may be that these things may be discussed in the future and that the acknowledgement of the Kurdish role in the genocide will create the foundation to allow such a discussion.