Thursday, April 02, 2009


"If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost."
~ Aristotle.

Oh, the power of DTP's victory!

The AKP's representative in Baghdad, Celal Talabanî, suddenly claims that he never said PKK must lay down arms or get the hell out of Dodge. Talabanî suddenly claims his remarks were taken out of context.

Well this is a fat lie because he made his statement on 23 March when Gül stopped by for a visit. In fact, Talabanî went even further; instead of simply saying that PKK had to lay down its arms or get out of Iraq, he clearly implied that PKK fighters were "terrorists". See Radikal.

The about-face of this two-faced so-and-so is a result of two things. The first is the criticism of Talabanî's remarks during his visit to Ankara by DTP politicians, as well as continuing criticism afterward in the week leading up to the elections. Among those voices of criticism, the most powerful was Leyla Zana's. The second is DTP's electoral overthrow of AKP in the Kurdish region.

In Agirî (Ağrı) there have been some developments that are worth watching. Apparently a de facto OHAL has been called for the province as protestors in Agirî city clashed with AKP's security forces (the police) after it was announced that 3,000 votes for DTP were voided. Twenty people have been arrested although 100 people that were held in custody were beaten by police in the street.

Once upon a time, it was enough for the Ankara regime to imprison Kurdish parliamentarians. Now it terrorizes them. DTP Wan (Van) parliamentarian Özdal Üçer was attacked by AKP police in the street while he was trying to talk to the AKP-appointed governor. Other DTP parliamentarians were with Üçer when the attack took place, including Pervin Buldan (Îdir/Iğdır), Hamit Geylani(Colemêrg/Hakkari), and Nezir Karabaş (Bidlîs/Bitlis). The AKP-appointed governor Halil İbrahim Akpınar threatened the deputies, saying, "From now on you will see what we're going to do then."

Events in Agirî beg the question: If the people had voted for AKP, would they be protesting the cancellation of 3,000 DTP votes? It is also clear that as long as there are pigs like Halil İbrahim Akpınar, there will be a need for HPG.

Oh, yeah . . . remember this? Then check out this on financial terrorists:



Anonymous said...

It also came after Talabani's sitdown with the KDP over the weekend. Talabani is losing support in Southern Kurdistan too and he knows this. Everyone was opposed to his remarks, including President Barzani, and the Peshmerga general - Jabar Yawar - had to clear things up with the media.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous no1.

I really have difficulty to understand Barzanis (KDPs) stance in the issue with PKK or their relation to Turkey and role for the Kurds.

1. KDP and PUK has closed PÇDK offices in southern Kurdistan.

2. They harass and stop demonstrations for northern Kurdistan. (Last example is the when they tried to stop students at Hewler University from celebrating the DTP success).

3. They do not give a positive response to a call for preparing a nationall conference that PKK wanted to have a few years ago. Now they want to have their own conference where is it not even clear of they have invited PKK or if the aim is to disarm other Kurdish groups.

4. They support anti-PKK and anti-DTP media in Europe.

5. They put an embargo against Qandil (not letting people or journalists in).

and so on....

I have problem making a difference between KDP and PUK. I have tried to see a difference for years now and I had some kind of truse in KDP and Barzani (Massud), but it is quiet obvious that there is no difference between KDP and PUK, as there is no difference between Neçirvan and Massud.


Anonymous said...

If you would like to show how well you have learn Kurdish and fancy with spelling Jalal's name with vowels and letters and marks, then remember that the second vowel in his last name is an E - Talebani. Keeping the vowels straight is not easy but if you listen you will understand soon.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 3:

I would also like to impress people with spelling Jalal's name with vowels and letters, but this is the first time I saw any reference to his name being spelled as "Talebani".

For the sake of accuracy in the media, perhaps we should have a campaign for the standardization of Jalal Tal(a/e)bani's name. Citizens deserve the truth. I just went on PUK's website and in big captions it reads:

A Biography of Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq

Most references in the internet are also to Jalal TalAbani.

Please be cognizant, Anonymous3, that the good people of Kurdistan are listening but some things are truly difficult to understand!


Anonymous said...

Hi kak Nishtiman, which to do... spell names like English media spells them or the way to spell them in real Kurdish? Mizgin likes to be smart and write names like they are in the real Kurdish (Celal/Jalal) but she does not know how to spell Talabani in Kurdish I think. So also you two are not knowing how to say this name Talebani. For you also it is good to study Kurdish and good luck of it! If you and Mizgin could read the Arabic letters you will know I am right with this thing but you could not understand if you are only reading translations. I know you are not knowing Kurdish or even Kurdish music and also not Arabic letters but you can learn maybe! Your choice!

Mizgîn said...

You have a point, Anonymous. It would be far more appropriate from now on to use only the Turkish spelling of Talabani's name, like it would have been in his Turkish diplomatic passport, and that's exactly what I'll do. After all, so many illustrious persons have held Turkish diplomatic passports . . . . like that other great hero of the Ankara regime, Abdullah Catli.

Thank you for bringing all this to my attention.

Welat makes some good points about the Barzanis and KDP. I do not trust them myself. The current situation reminds me too much of 1971, when Mustafa Barzani betrayed his supporters in North Kurdistan.

Just a short time ago, the Turkish media had daily rantings about Barzani because he was making statements against Turkish aggression in the South. This is what happened in 1971. As soon as Barzani cooperated with the Ankara regime to help them rid themselves of those Northern Kurds who wished to ally themselves with Barzani, the Turkish media campaign against Barzani ended.

Now that the Barzanis seem to be fully on board with AKP's "Kurdish" conference, and there have been no more public expressions of opposition to continuing Turkish/American bombing of Kurdish villages in South Kurdistan, all in Turkish media is quiet. No more bad Barzanis.

Anonymous said...

Mizgin you should spell his name in Kurdish if you like to show everyone how you are good at Kurdish. I just want you to learn Kurdish spell and speech better. It is not his passport I am saying things about but it is his name and if you will write in Kurdish then please try spelling Kurdish words right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, your claim is ridiculous.
If you want to know the truth. "Talabani" in latine Kurdish alphabet should be written "Telebanî"!!!


Nezan said...

Hello all, long-time reader, first time poster, pleasure to be on the show.

Elîshêr, you are just plain wrong. The name is Talebanî. The first vowel ("a") is represented in Kurdish in Arabic script as an 'alif and the second vowel ("a") is represented in Kurdish in Arabic script as a ha ("e"). Learn to read before accusing people of being ridiculous. I think it is ridiculous that you speak with such authority when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. Then again, that's not the most uncommon thing these days!

Anonymous said...

my aim is not to show absolutely that I'm right on the spelling of "Talabani".
I don't care.

My aim is just the opposite.
I wanted to tell the reader who said: "If you would like to show how well you have learn Kurdish","For you also it is good to study Kurdish and good luck of it", "I know you are not knowing Kurdish or even Kurdish music and also not Arabic letters but you can learn maybe! Your choice!,"Mizgin you should spell his name in Kurdish if you like to show everyone how you are good at Kurdish. I just want you to learn Kurdish spell and speech better",...
I wanted to tell him/her that writting "Talabani" doesn't mean that one doesn't know Kurdish!
That claim is ridiculous.
I didn't mean that "Talebanî" is not the good spelling or writting.
And in fact, everybody I know in Northern Kurdistan pronounces "Telebanî" with "e" and "a" being letters of latine Kurdish alphabet ans not of English alphabet, so with different sound than in English.


Murat said...

Hain, Barzani`ye sığınmış!

PKK`nın üst düzey yöneticisi `Rubar Çele` adlı teröristin öldürülme korkusu ile terör örgütünden kaçarak Irak`ın kuzeyindeki Özerk Kürt Bölgesi yönetimine sığındığı öne sürüldü.

PKK`dan kaçarak Şırnak`ın Beytüşşebap İlçesi`nde güvenlik güçlerine teslim olan `Mustafa` kod adlı R.G., Diyarbakır Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi`ndeki yargılanmasının ardından `Etkin Pişmanlık Yasası`ndan yararlandırılarak serbest bırakıldı. İtiraflarda bulunan 23 yaşındaki R.G., Dağlıca Jandarma Karakol baskınını planlayıp uygulayıcıları arasında yer alan `Rubar Çele` kod adlı Esvet Budakbeyoğlu`nun öldürülmekten endişe ettiği için Mesut Barzani liderliğindeki Irak Kürdistan Demokrat Partisi`ne (IKDP) sığındığını itiraf etti.

Terör örgütünün saldırılarda kullanmak için plastik ve sigara paketi büyüklüğünde 8 pille çalışan üzerinde küçük anten, açma, kapatma, patlatma düğmeleri bulunan Kürtçe intikam anlamına gelen `Tol` adlı cihaz geliştirdiğini ileri süren itirafçı R.G, `3 kilometre uzaklıktan komuta edilen bu cihaz önümüzdeki dönemde uzaktan kumandalı saldırılarda kullanılacak. Kuzey Irak`tan Türkiye`ye giriş yapan her örgüt mensubunda bulunuyor.` dedi.

PKK`nın çatışmalarda üst düzeyde kayıp yaşadığını, bunun alt kadroların psikolojisini bozduğunu anlatan R.G., Şırnak`taki Kato Dağı`ndan sivil elbise giyinip kaçarak Beytüşşşebap`a geldiğini, burada ailesini arayarak yardım isteğini belirtti. R.G, ailesine ulaştıktan sonra güvenlik güçlerine teslim olduğunu söyledi.

Öte yandan Hakkari`nin Yüksekova İlçesi Dağlıca Jandarma Karakolu`na düzenlenen saldırının emrini eski bir asteğmen olan `Ape Hüseyin` kod adlı Kadri Çelik verirken, hain saldırıyı şu teröristlerin planladığı belirlenmişti: `Dr. Ali kod adlı Yusuf Turhallı, `Rubar Çele` kod adlı Esvet Budakbeyoğlu, `Baver Dersim` kod adlı Süleyman Şahin, `Sabri Başkale` kod adlı Fethi Şarlatan, `Azat Siser` kod adlı Ekrem Güney, `Rubar` kod adlı Seyfettin Işık,, `Kasım Engin Pazarcık` kod adlı Celal Doğan, `Alişer Koçgiri` kod adlı Yücel Halis, `Rengin Botan` kod adlı Çiğdem Doğu ve Mahir Atakan. Yine isimleri belirtilmeyen ancak kod adları `Beritan Dersim`, `Rüstem Cudi`, `Sofi Nureddin` ile `Amed Malazgirt` olan teröristlerin de saldırıda rol aldığı kaydedildi.


thomas said...

Elîshêr, spelling things correctly means that you know how to, well, spell things correctly. There is only one way to spell Talebanî properly in Kurdish in Latin script. Regional variances in pronounciation do not change proper spellings. People in London will ask "Are you alright?" but it will sound like "Ayou arrite?" That doesn't change the spelling in formal writing. Those who spell words in a language correctly are just plain better at writing it than those who do not.